47 Year-Old Gets Shredded!

I have a killer transformation for you.

He lost 15 pounds of fat and added several pounds of lean muscle in just 4 months using Movie Star Masterclass.

We asked him a few questions about his transformation.

Why did you join the program?

“I joined the program because of the spirit that emerged from Greg and Kinobody’s lifestyle. I tried other programs that were too strict and I was overeating too often because I was starving. Kinobody seemed to be more measured, and there was a lot of great feedback so I gave it a try. That was the best idea I could have at this moment.”

What program did you use?

“Movie Star Masterclass”

What did you like about the program?

“I love the easy way to manage your diet ! Greg’s advice about making things simple by eating the same meal every day, made me go into the cut easily. Just choose what you like to eat, get the right protein + calorie intake and enjoy your cut. Also hitting 10k step is cool. It forces me to take some moment every day for me, listening music, podcast… very relaxing and enjoyable. Gym workouts are very satisfying too. I am 47 and even at my age, I can see some great improvements. I take some Octane to boost my sets, love it! My favorite is Over Head Press. Freaking hard, but hell, I feel so good after that 💪

What struggles did you have during the program and how did you overcome them?

“The only struggle I found was that when I go out with friends, I hardly manage not to overeat. So I found that what was really effective for me was to be very strict only diet for at least 2 weeks in a row. When I do that, fat melts and I drop pounds. Then I can go to a restaurant and it won’t really bother my cut.

What you would say to others about Kinobody, Greg, and the program?

“Consistency is the key for me. You need to remember why you do that and enjoy your workout, your progress. This program works so fine! I wish I could have had this 20 years ago. Never felt so good in my body. When people ask me if it’s not too hard, I tell them I eat pastas, cheese, pancake and a Mars Ice cream every dinner, they think I am joking. But that’s the truth. Thanks Greg for making things easy, simple and enjoyable. Weekly calls are great for motivation. I sadly can’t participate cause it’s’ too late for me here in France, but I watch every one of them. There are always ideas and advice to get. And it’s cool to see the coaches face too, they are a great value and are always here to help. It’s crazy the dedication they have for the members. Guys, you rule 🙏”

Movie Star Masterclass

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