5 Things Every Guy in Their 20’s Should Do

There are 5 things every guy in their 20s should do to level up their life.

If you get this right?

You will set the foundation for an incredible life.

1. Get in Good Shape

The first thing you want to do is get in good shape.

Get your fitness handled.

When you get your health on point, that sets the base for everything else.

2. Learn About Style

It’s worth it to learn a little bit about style.

It’s insane the difference in how people respond to you when you dress better.

3. Learn a High-Income Skill

If you are going to learn something anyway, I believe that effort should go towards a high-income skill.

When you are in your 20s, it’s not as much about investing.

It’s about accumulating wealth.

You can then make that money work for you.

Learning sales, copywriting, and video production are all solid choices.

4. Chose Your Social Circle Very Carefully

If your friends are running around in circles.

Partying too much.

Not setting goals or improving themselves.

They will hold you back.

5. Find a Mentor

Eventually, you will want to find a mentor.

You want to find someone a little older and is in a place in life financially where you want to be.

You attract a mentor by being a massive action-taker.

You need to have a bit of success and prove to a mentor that you are willing to do what is necessary to succeed.

I made a video about these tips on Instagram, and the responses were interesting.

  • My successful friends all agree these are killer tips.
  • Many others appreciate the insights.
  • A portion of people criticize the tips or make excuses.

Here’s what I will say about that last group of people.

Be EXTREMELY careful who you take advice from.

There are a lot of keyboard warriors who haven’t achieved anything in life, giving out terrible advice.

Also, tons of people making excuses instead of putting in the work.

Don’t listen to those people.

If you nail these 5 tips in your 20s, you will set yourself up for massive success in life.

Believe it!

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher


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