6 Second Workout Boosts Testosterone

Sprinting is actually incredible for boosting testosterone.

For hormonal output, the best time to sprint is actually only 6-10 seconds.

You only need to do that sprint six times.

So the first three should be pretty easy, and the next three are when it gets harder.

Here’s what I recommend:

  • Sprint 1: 50% intensity
  • Sprint 2: 60% intensity
  • Sprint 3: 70% intensity
  • Sprint 4: 80% intensity
  • Sprint 5: 90% intensity
  • Sprint 6: 95% intensity

You’re just doing six sprints, building up the intensity, and that will produce a massive increase in testosterone.

You’re going to want to dash about 60 yards.

Make sure you rest at least 2-3 minutes in between sprints for maximum explosiveness.

You only need to do this sprint workout once per week.

Here are a couple of basic tips on sprinting.

You want to start low, and as you’re accelerating, you don’t want to pop up too fast. You’re gonna be more powerful when you’re low, and you drive your legs back.

Once your speed is picking up, then you can slowly stand up higher.

And you want powerful arm pumps and big strides that will make you as fast as possible.

Sprinting not only increases T-levels.

I consider it a basic skill every man should have.

Kind of like the ability to fight.

Like if you were a father and someone tried to grab your kid or wife and kidnap her.

Or you’re outnumbered, and someone is trying to mug you, etc.

You want to ability to sprint.

Because it’s possible at some point, it could be the difference between life or death.

Even if it never comes to that…

It still feels kind of badass being fast and explosive.

It will boost your testosterone as well.

To increase your t-level even further, I recommend adding a bit of mojo to your life.

Kino Mojo: Testosterone Optimization Formula

Combined with sprinting and lifting…

This should significantly increase your testosterone.

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher

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