Testosterone from 491 to 799!

I got a message last week that blew me away.

A Kino Warrior named Christian sent this to me on Instagram.

He’s been taking Mojo and using our Movie Star Body program.

He had over a 300-point increase in Total T.

I had him send me his blood work.

Here are his test results before Mojo.

Testosterone levels around 500 are fine.

I’m actually in the 500s.

What really makes a difference are Free T levels.

When he sent me his recent blood work…

I first noticed his total T going from 491 to 799, and then I continued to read the report.

His Free T number stood out big time!

His Free T was off the charts.

This will make gaining muscle and losing fat so much easier for him.

He’s already improving.

Here’s a recent pic he sent me.

The abs and shoulders are coming in.

Belly fat is melting.

He is well on his way to building a movie star body.

With his hormones optimized and by following our program, his physique will continue to improve month-after-month.

Can’t wait to see it!

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Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher

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