9 out of 10 Fitness Experts are LAME

The majority of fitness experts with huge followings on Instagram and Youtube are lame.

Some of them look good but…

It’s not their program or special diet giving them their body.

It’s the drugs they are taking.

I wouldn’t be upset… except millions of people wind up following programs and diets that will NOT work for a natural lifter.

These “experts” are selling a lie.

I can look at a program and tell immediately if it will work for a natural lifter.

Hint, most programs are destined to fail.

These experts don’t know how to get fit as a natural.

Take their drugs away and they would look average (at best).

Experts are unwilling to submit blood work.

And very FEW people will submit blood work to Derek.

*I had Derek go over my blood work test in a recent 3-hour interview on Youtube.

I give massive respect to any lifter claiming natural willing to submit his blood work to Derek for review.

If someone has built their physique with drugs?

Derek will likely expose them.

I’m all about showing proof.

  • Dexa scans with 6-8% body fat
  • Elite level lifts
  • Epic daily feasts on my Insta story

And the most important proof?

A full blood panel.

I stand by my program.

It has transformed my body and life and the thousands who follow it.

Not only did Derek look at my results…

He looked at all my past Instagram stories to see if my strength has remained constant throughout the year.

Guys who go off drugs will drastically lose strength leading up to a bloodwork test.

It was a long and detailed interview, but I passed with flying colors.

I’ve been accused of using steroids in the past.

I don’t get offended because it shows just how well my program works.

My programs are creating the best results in the industry.

The program that is PROVEN to work like clockwork for naturals is Movie Star Masterclass.

There’s no greater program in existence.

I’m usually a little more humble than this but I’m f*ckn fired up today!

People are not only wasting their money on poorly designed programs…

They are wasting their TIME.

You have one life.

This is it… it’s showtime.

Summer is here in about 10 weeks.

*This is a magical time of year and but you don’t get unlimited summers.

Don’t waste another f*ckn minute on a lame-ass program that will never work for a natural lifter.

In 10 weeks I can help you slice off 5% body fat.

If you are at 12-14% now?

I can get you down to single digits.

You are running out of time so grab this TODAY…

Movie Star Masterclass

Let’s do this!

Greg O’Gallagher


I’ll probably irritate quite a few fitness experts with this email.

The ones who built their physique with drugs and are marketing themselves as natural are taking advantage of people.

It bothers me.

I know for a fact what they are teaching will not work for naturals.

It makes me want to push my program harder than ever.

I know I will step on a few toes…

But if it means helping countless people get the body of their dreams.

It’s worth it.

If you are willing to take my advice, you can dramatically improve your physique in the next 10 weeks.

No other program will give you this type of result in such a short time period.

But you are going to want to get started ASAP.

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