A Day of Eating for Higher Testosterone

Earlier this week I sent out an email about 5 steps for improving testosterone.

Today, I simply want to cover what a day of eating should look like when trying to increase your testosterone.

I’ve covered some of this before…

I just thought it would help to go over it again.

I like to wake up, wait an hour and then drink a cup of coffee or a serving of Octane.

I always have two drinks during my 4-5 hour fast in the morning… Octane and black coffee.

I switch up the order depending on what I’m feeling like.

If I start the day with Octane?

I’ll drink coffee later in the day.

Octane contains L-Theanine, which stays in your system for up to 8-10 hours.

When you drink coffee later in the day it re-activates the effects of L-Theanine in the Octane.

If I start with coffee I’ll drink Octane later that morning.

Ideally, I like to time the second drink shortly before my workout (if I’m lifting that day).

I really like to lift in a fasted state when possible.

It’s not a make-or-break situation…

I just feel it sets the body up perfectly for that first meal of the day.

Here’s my go-to meal I’m enjoying these days.

*Kino Collagen Protein mixed with plain 2% fat Greek Yogurt and a sliced banana.

This is simply delicious.

Collagen easily mixes with the yogurt (whey protein doesn’t blend well at all).

The banana gives you a good source of magnesium.

Magnesium increases free and total testosterone.

Occasionally, I’ll make a 4-Egg omelet instead and eat it with a banana and an English muffin.

I really enjoy a good omelet but is a bit more calorie-dense than my collagen & yogurt meal.

If you are trying to get lean quickly I’d recommend going with the Kino Collagen, yogurt, and banana meal.

It simplifies things quite a bit.

This meal also gives you more calories to work with for dinner.

Speaking of dinner…

My ideal testosterone-boosting dinner is 14oz striploin steak, potatoes, and some veggies.

*Some places refer to a striploin steak as a New York steak… it’s the same cut of meat.

The reason I like striploin is that it is relatively lean.

It’s also high in zinc.

This helps boost testosterone levels.

You are going to want some carbs too…

Potatoes are the ideal carbs in my opinion since they are so satiating.

They will keep you full for a long time.

You never want to go low-carb if you want to keep your testosterone levels high.

Enjoy your potatoes…

I even think it’s okay to eat fries occasionally.

*You won’t want fries every meal since they are calorie-dense but totally fine to treat yourself every once in a while.

Low carb diets are trendy but they will mess with your testosterone levels.

Going low carb raises SHBG and lowers free testosterone.

Don’t mess up your body with that style of dieting.

Dessert can be dark chocolate.

Dark chocolate is very high in magnesium which is good for testosterone.

I’ve mentioned my favorite dessert before…

I frickin’ love Magnum Almond Ice Cream Bars.

These are just under 300 calories.

It doesn’t even feel right that I am able to get shredded with steak, fries, ice cream bars, etc.

The reason this is a possibility is that the fasting and light meal earlier in the day gives me a lot of calories to work with later in the day.

The higher calorie dinner has the right nutrients to boost testosterone levels.

When I was younger I tried low-calorie dinners, which messed with sleep and testosterone levels.

The setup I outlined in this email works wonders

Give it a shot.

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher


As far as alcohol goes…

A couple of drinks in the evening (1-2) won’t mess with testosterone much.

There are even studies that show low doses of alcohol may boost testosterone.

Heavy drinking kills testosterone levels.

Just to be clear…

I am not recommending alcohol here.

If you do happen to like a drink in the evening, keep it to one or two.

One last thing.

If you know ahead of time you are going out to eat and having a lot more calories than normal…

Mix Kino Collagen in hot water instead of Greek yogurt.

This reduces the calories significantly and will give you more wiggle room for dinner.

Works well.

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