A Kino Warrior is on a Hulu Dating Reality Show

This is too funny, so I had to share it.

One of our Kino Warriors, Nick, just posted in our Facebook Group that he is on a reality show.

It’s called “Hotties”, and it’s on Hulu.

*He’s even rocking the Kino Snow Leopard Shirt… looks like a f*ckn stud.

Here’s how he describes his transformation.

“I went from around 190 down to 170 after doing the Greek god program as well as the Movie Star program before filming. Didn’t know I was going to be on the show, but they caught me at a good time right as I was finishing Movie Star.”

Here’s a before and after.

*If you want to catch him, he’s on episode #1 of the show.

Getting in movie star shape is powerful in a way that I almost can’t put into words.

The confidence gained alone is a big f*ckn upgrade to your entire life.

Use this confidence and energy to crush your goals.

Women will also react differently to you.

Want an abundant Dating life?

I’ve NEVER seen a confident guy who is in movie star shape and who is attacking goals… struggle with women.

There’s an abundance of quality women out there.

The problem is that all of them are going after the same top 20% of guys.

This used to piss me off…

But then I thought, “I can’t change women, so why not work on myself to become one of these highly sought-after men.”

If you are kind of hurting when it comes to women and have negative self-talk, etc.

I’ve been there.

It f*ckn sucks!

Getting in top shape is the path out of this misery.

Once this happens, everything else seems to fall into place

I’m on a mission to pull as many guys as I can into the top 20%.

I have a plan to make that happen called…

The Movie Star Body Accelerator

Click the link and watch the video for details.

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher

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