A Simple Testosterone Test

There is a good indicator that you have adequate testosterone levels.

Morning wood.

It’s obviously not as reliable as a hormone test by an MD but will give you a decent idea if you are within a somewhat healthy range.

You don’t necessarily need to wake up with morning wood every day but…

If you rarely get morning wood, it’s a bad sign.

*If you never “pitch a tent” in the morning, then it’s probably a good idea to go to a doctor to see what is happening.Also, just because you are getting morning erections doesn’t mean everything is ideal.

You most likely still have room for improvement.

If you are towards the lower end of the healthy range of testosterone, you can benefit by boosting your levels by 100-200 points.

Getting adequate sleep helps a bunch.

A killer workout and proper diet help as well.

When you add Kino Mojo into the mix, you can magnify these T-boosting effects.

What you should notice is a sharp increase in sex drive 5-6 days after taking Mojo.

*I recommend channeling that sex drive into meeting quality women if you are single. You will not only have more confidence with higher T-levels, but you will also look, smell and act more attractive to the women you meet.

High testosterone and the high sexual energy associated give you an advantage over other men.

  • Easier for you to add muscle
  • Fat loss is accelerated
  • Higher confidence levels
  • Display masculine traits
  • You are more likely to take risks and actions
  • Women are drawn to you

Here’s what is so f*ckn badass about this…

High testosterone makes it easier to have success in all areas of life… and success, in turn, boosts testosterone… this creates a cycle of high achievement.

I feel like there’s almost an invisible barrier in life.

Guys who are a little too meek or passive sit on the sidelines watching other men succeed.

What is sad is many are so close to crossing over this invisible barrier.

*I want to help guys optimize in this area of life and get their Mojo back.

Women can literally sniff out if a guy has low testosterone levels.

I talked about that study in the last email where women simply smelled sweaty shirts, and they were drawn to the smell of the guys with high T.

You can’t fake this.

I’m not even sure why you would want to fake this.

As a man, every aspect of life is improved with optimal testosterone levels.

Here is the best natural supplement on the market to accomplish this…

Kino Mojo – Optimal Testosterone Formula

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher

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