About the Mansion…

You see it in the background.

It’s a recurring character in Kinobody videos.

You see traces of it while I’m ranting about being present or punching the crap out of Bob.

I’m talking about my family’s mansion.

I don’t talk much about it, but it symbolizes something really important to me.

I posted about this on Twitter yesterday.

I just started becoming active on Twitter again recently.

Elon got off to a rocky start with Twitter/X, but he seems to be doing some innovative things recently.

A lot of my friends are coming back to Twitter as well.

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Here’s what I posted.

I actually wrote this on Father’s Day over 4 years ago and put it on Instagram, but I wanted to share it again.

I wrote it in a cafe and then took this pic.

Here’s the story about the who I think about every time I see that mansion…

One more Tweet about my incredible Father, Michael O’Gallagher. When I was a little kid, my father brought me and my family to Florida.

He was broke AF at the time and in lots of credit card debt.

We got to our hotel. But before we checked in, we were already driving somewhere else.

Turns out we were going to a new hotel.

Not because it was full, but because my father wanted his family to have the best.

My mom thought my dad was crazy.

Cuz we definitely couldn’t afford the new hotel…

In fact, we had no fkn clue how we were going to pay our bills.

But even when everything was going wrong and things couldn’t look worse my father had incredible self-belief and certainty.

His confidence was unwavering.

He believed the world was his oyster.

The new hotel was dope AF and had an unreal pool.

Also my father and I shared the best banana split I ever had in my life to this day.

And the hallways had popcorn. Like popcorn. And when my brother and I finished it. It was refilled. Like wtf. How sick is that?!

When we got back to Toronto, we could have lost everything. But we had a deal come through that changed everything.

Before his passing my father had created the biggest privately owned real estate empire in Canada.

He also built his dream home for his family. Inspired by our Irish heritage. It was made out of imported limestone. Not like these other mansions, they use cheap material 😂

This is what you see in the background of many of my videos.

He even put a hockey room in the basement cuz we loved hockey. And a library for us to read and learn and a gym for us to work out together.

I love this story.

It speaks so much to me and it’s funny.

Like I’m sure the first hotel was totally fine and it’s Florida like that’s fun. But he always wanted the best for his family. And I love that.

And no question that by putting this abundance mindset out to the universe, he was able to attract more success.

I think about my Dad daily, and this beautiful home he built for us is a constant reminder to me of the life lessons he taught me and my siblings.

I love you so much Dad.

You continue to inspire me to this day, and even tho we only shared 11 years together, I feel so blessed to have you as my father ❤️

*My left shoulder also has a tattoo of my Dad’s life motto.

“Make No Small Plans”

I’ve adopted this as my own approach to life.

My hope is that I can bring others along with me and inspire people to think bigger than they are now and achieve more.

Get in incredible shape.

The discipline you build can be transferred to your career and your relationships.

An incredible life is yours for the taking.

Fitness can be the launchpad to everything else.

I’ve seen it work countless times.

F*ck small thinking!

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher


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