Can Fasting Help With Acne?

While I’m not going to say that fasting cures all acne, it can definitely help.

It made a HUGE f*ckn difference for me.

As a teenager, I used tons of different products.

Nothing really made a big difference.

What actually was a game changer was fasting.

When you go several hours without eating and digesting food, it gives your body time to detoxify itself.

After several hours a hormone known as IGF-1 calms down.

And IGF-1 can accelerate acne production.

By fasting and keeping insulin and IGF-1 low, your body can actually replenish its skin.

When I was 19 years old, I first started doing a 24-hour fast once a week.

The next day my skin was so much better.

And then I would fast every day, about 5-6 hours after waking up. I had no acne.

When I went back to eating breakfast, the acne came back. 

It was like night and day.

You simply feel your best when your skin is clear.

If you have a vacation, wedding, or special event coming up?

You will enjoy it more without acne.

Do this if acne has been an issue.

  • Fast for 24-hours once per week
  • Eat your first meal 5-6 hours after waking up on the other 6 days

Fasting also causes autophagy.

A process that occurs in cells where the cell cleans up and recycles its own damaged or unnecessary components.

This not only helps clear up your skin…

It can help with skin cell turnover and may potentially contribute to acne improvement.

So if you are having skin issues?

Give this approach a try.

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher


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