Adding Muscle Everywhere VS Specializing

Yesterday I sent out an email about how many sets per week to build muscle.

Here’s the important thing to remember.

Muscle Growth = Muscle Protein Synthesis – Muscle Protein Breakdown

If you break down the muscle too much?

You will be unable to add muscle.

Research suggests that you don’t need more than 10 sets per week for muscle growth.

This has been covered in a few videos on Youtube by Jeff Nippard.

I actually ran into him a couple of weeks ago at Pure Fitness.

Really cool guy.

To be honest, with Reverse Pyramid Training, I think you can get away with less than 10 sets each week per muscle group.

Especially when you get f*ckn strong and using heavy weights.

Here’s what I think works best.

  • 8-10 sets for muscles you are trying to build
  • 4-6 sets for everything else

Here’s the key to rapid progress.

Just pick 1, maybe 2, muscle groups you want to focus on building.

Those are the muscle groups that get 8-10 sets per week.

For instance, right now, I’m specializing on my chest.

For all other muscle groups, I’ll do 4-6 sets.

I’ll just maintain those muscle groups.

This will allow the majority of muscle protein synthesis to be targeted to my chest.

It will grow quickly.

When you try to add muscle “everywhere” on your body, you can’t make much of an impact.

You’ll add a little muscle to your chest, arms, legs, shoulders, etc.

So you wind up looking like a slightly larger version of yourself.

Specializing is the way to go.

I cover all of this in my flagship program.

Movie Star Masterclass

This program includes 4 Nutrition Protocols.

If you want to specialize and add muscle quickly to a weak muscle group, choose “The Lean Bulk Protocol”.

This, combined with specializing, will work wonders.

Start this program asap.

Rapidly add muscle for 4 months, then a month or two before summer, follow “The Cutting Protocol”.

Perfect game plan leading up to summer.

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher

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