Advanced Lifters Only – Don’t Read if You’re a Beginner

What does it mean to be an advanced lifter?

It isn’t based on how long you have been lifting.

It’s more about hitting certain strength milestones.

Some people can hit these strength levels in 1-2 years, and others screw around with pish-posh lifts and never get there even after 20 years of lifting.

Here’s an example of a good strength standard…

I’d say if you can’t press your bodyweight for 5 reps on incline, you are still a beginner.

*I’m incline pressing over 1.5 times my body weight here for 5 reps.

I like using incline as an example because “your body weight x 5 reps” is easy to remember.

I also think this is a realistic standard, so…

Can you incline press your bodyweight for 5 reps? If so, keep reading.

This isn’t quite an advanced level…

But if I went into a gym and tested everyone on incline, I bet only 10% would be able to accomplish this.

You are definitely on your way to becoming advanced.

Then once you become pretty darn strong and advanced, it’s trickier to hit elite levels.

*Doing a set of seated shoulder presses with 120-pound dumbells here.

The thing that helped me progress from Advanced to Elite levels of strength was taking The Superhero Stack.

I first started taking the stack in 2018-2019.

I quickly worked up to 150-pound dumbbells for bench press and 140-pound dumbbells for incline.

It felt as if all the stops were taken off and my body was like, “F*CK, there are no limits… the limits are gone”.

I’d come in each workout.

I’d feel great and hit PRs.

I kept waiting for a plateau to hit, and it NEVER happened!

It was insane…

After easily putting up 140-pound dumbbells on incline for 5 reps, I figured it was time to chill and just maintain my strength.

*The Superhero Stack is a strategic combination of 3 of our supplements: Gains, Octane, and Aminos.

This stack is designed for guys who are already strong.

For guys who want to hit elite levels of strength because hitting these levels will transform your body.

  • It will help you get below 10% body fat
  • Help you reach your genetic max for strength
  • Will add dense muscle to give you the look of a chiseled superhero

This isn’t for everyone.

It’s only for guys who are already strong and muscular but want to hit that elite next level.

Superhero Stack.

This will help you reach that next level of muscle mass.

That next level of definition.

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