Aggression… Needed to Maximize Muscle

I get so darn frustrated when I see how most guys lift weights.

Guys are just going through the motion.

Set after set of half-ass efforts.

If you want to build muscle, you need to push yourself, you need to get aggressive.

Aggression is a primal instinct, but it goes beyond that.

One of the most aggressive animals in nature is the black bear.

There’s a reason why they are so aggressive.

A black bear has 6,000 nanograms of testosterone per deciliter of blood.

The top end for a human is around 1,100.

When testosterone is at healthy levels in men, effort feels good.

You welcome challenges.

Overcoming challenges should make you feel awesome as a man.

The other day, my friend Anna hopped on my back for weighted chins.

*I posted this on Instagram, and someone referred to these as “chick-ups” LMFAO.

She’s 119 pounds.

It felt awkward the way her weight was distributed.

But there was NO WAY I was going to fail to do several reps.

This type of competitive spirit and drive in men is fueled by testosterone.

What I often see in the gym are guys lacking this drive.

I think a big reason for this is low testosterone levels.

We are living in a low-t environment.

  • Soy, estrogen mimics, and other phytoestrogens are lowering testosterone levels.
  • The BPA in plastic is lowering testosterone levels.
  • The glyphosate (Round-up) in our food is lowering testosterone levels.

This is why the average male today has 200-300 points lower testosterone than their grandfather did at the same age.

I’ve created a solution for this…

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Typically a healthy range is 300 – 1,000 in men, but this varies by age.

Gaining 100-300 points will not only give you an edge in the gym but also gives you confidence, drive, and ambition to get more out of life.

There is no downside in naturally raising your t-levels.

If you are a man, make this a priority…

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Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher

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