Drinking Alcohol – While Getting Lean

Most guys drink a bit more alcohol when summer hits.

More parties, BBQs, festivals, etc.

What I’d recommend is to cut back now in order to have more wiggle room once summer hits in full force.

When trying to get lean quickly, drinking every night is not a great idea.

  • You could be using those calories for protein or carbs
  • It can cause you to crave high-calorie late-night snacks

That being said…

I do like to have an Old Fashioned with dinner a few nights per week.

*I’d just limit or avoid this if you have a good amount of fat to lose.

I’d be a little MORE cautious when it comes to beer…

Beer contains phytoestrogen and prolactin, which can increase estrogen levels and decrease testosterone.

I see college-aged guys where this is extremely noticeable.

There is an estrogenic fat pattern.

A young guy’s body shouldn’t look like this.

*College is a bad time to have Low-T.

There’s never a good time for having low testosterone, but your early 20s is when you are supposed to be meeting girls, attacking life, etc.

So many young guys party so hard that they kill their drive.

This is a common trap when a guy hits his early 20s and first goes to bars.

I learned this lesson the hard way.

I have had periods of my life where I’d be super productive Mon-Fri.

I’d build up momentum in my business…

*Then kill it all by staying up until 2 AM partying on a Saturday night.

Luckily I noticed this self-defeating pattern in my early 20s.

I stopped going out so much.

There were periods of 6-8 months where I’d focus and move forward in life.

While other friends my age were partying hard every weekend, I wanted to improve my place in life.

It worked.

If you feel a bit stagnant in life right now, I’d recommend cutting back on the late-night partying.

It’s easy to blow $100-$200 on a Saturday night.

And this expensive Saturday night makes you apathetic on Sunday and can spill over into Mon and Tuesday.

Here’s a better investment…

*The Mojo Stack consists of Kino Mojo and Nitro, and it costs less than staying out until 2 AM on Saturday night.

If you have a lot of fat to lose.

I really recommend tightening up a bit the next 5-6 weeks leading up to summer.

You can party a bit more once summer hits.

But for now?

Build some momentum in your life while getting lean.

  • Mojo will boost your testosterone for accelerated fat, muscle gain, ambition, and drive, etc.
  • Nitro will improve blood flow while improving the appearance and health of your skin.

A killer combo…

The Mojo Stack

One thing I didn’t mention is that the Boron in Mojo can shield you from estrogenic compounds.

So this will help in case you do like the occasional beer.

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher

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