An Offer You Can’t Refuse

If you can get insanely strong with bodyweight training?

On exercises like one-arm push-ups.

One-arm chinups.

Handstand push-ups.

You are going to have staggering strength potential when it comes to lifting weights.

This has been a game-changer for me.

Because I focus on a very specific type of bodyweight training.

High-tension, low-rep bodyweight training.

Many bodyweight programs focus on high-rep or circuit-style bodyweight workouts.

This isn’t going to make you much stronger.

My version of bodyweight training forces the muscles to contract f*ckn hard!

Closed-chain exercises allow your muscles to generate more force than lifting weights.

You need to take advantage of this.

The key is to increase exercise difficulty instead of increasing reps.

For instance, if you can get to the point where you can do clapping one-arm push-ups…

This will turn you into an absolute beast when it comes to any pushing exercise.

After you become strong at one-arm push-ups…

Going back to the bench press feels like a vacation (even the incline press and dumbbell shoulder press will feel easier).

And this is just one of the exercises I cover in my bodyweight program.

Alright, let me get to the offer.

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Movie Star Bodyweight Program (50% OFF Special)

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Greg O’Gallagher


Don’t worry if you can’t currently do a one-arm push-up or one-arm pullup.

None of us can do these from day 1.

Each exercise has progression levels.

For instance, here’s the progression to feet elevated one-arm pushups.

  1. Regular Push-ups
  2. Feet Elevated Push-ups 
  3. Side to Side Push-ups
  4. Feet Elevated Side to Side Push-ups
  5. Assisted One-Arm Push-ups
  6. Feel Elevated Assisted One-Arm Push-ups
  7. One-Arm Push-ups
  8. Feet Elevated One-Arm Push-ups 

This is a comprehensive 12-week program with detailed step-by-step videos.

Just 3 workouts per week (and daily walking, of course).

You can do the program as is.

But what some Kino Warriors have done in the past is swapped out 1-2 exercises in their current program with some of the bodyweight variations I teach in this course.

For instance…

If you are doing Movie Star Body, Greek God, or Warrior Shredding, you could swap out the back exercises with the one-arm chinup variations I teach in the course.

Or substitute incline press with one-arm feet elevated push-ups.

You get the idea.

These exercise variations can be fit into any solid workout program.

You’ll use the principles I teach in this program for years to come.

So add it to your Kinobody Library today.

Movie Star Bodyweight Program (50% OFF Special)

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