Antibiotics Are Tied to Depression?

I typically avoid antibiotics.

I prefer to let the body and my immune system do its thing to combat sickness.

I once dated a girl who would go to the doctor and take antibiotics at even the hint of catching a cold.

She was also sick ALL the time.

I do see the benefit of antibiotics for serious conditions.

I just think they are overprescribed.

The big issue is they kill a lot of good bacteria.

Gut bacteria isn’t just tied to digestion and physical health.

Bacteria in your gut affect your mental well-being.

*Have you ever taken antibiotics for a period of time and felt your mood take a hit afterward?

It turns out there may be a surprising link.

A recent study found that even a single course of antibiotics was associated with a higher risk of developing depression.

This study looked at a large UK medical record database.

It examined the medical records of 1,092,701 individuals.

*It discovered that treatment with just one antibiotic course was linked to a 23% higher odds of depression for penicillins… and 25% higher odds for quinolones.

It got worse with repeated exposures.

An increase in depression of 56% with 5 courses of penicillin.

So, what’s the connection between antibiotics and depression?

It all comes down to our gut bacteria.

Antibiotics don’t just kill the bad bacteria causing infections…

They also wipe out the beneficial microbes that keep our gut healthy and balanced.

Research is revealing the powerful link between gut health and mental health.

Our gut is often called our “second brain” because it contains millions of nerve cells that communicate directly with the brain.

An unhealthy gut can send signals to the central nervous system that trigger changes in mood.

And beneficial gut bacteria play a key role in synthesizing neurotransmitters like serotonin that regulate emotions.

So exercise caution when it comes to taking antibiotics.

While antibiotics can sometimes be necessary.

We can replenish the good gut bacteria lost by taking high-quality probiotics.

Kino Probiotics contains six clinically studied probiotic strains.

I did quite a bit of due-dilligence when coming up with our probiotic formulation.

I didn’t just slap together random probiotic strains and call it a day.

I made sure each strain was shelf-stable.

I also specifically chose a mix of strains with fast and slow “doubling speeds.”

  • Your gut gets colonized quickly with the fast strains.
  • Then, the strains with slower doubling speeds colonize your gut for a longer period of time.

We also added a prebiotic to feed these strains.

By strengthening gut health, Kino Probiotics aims to maximize nutrient absorption, balance hormones, and boost mood.

If you’ve been feeling a little “off” after a round of antibiotics, or just want to give your gut and mental health a boost?

Consider adding a premium probiotic like Kino Probiotics to your wellness routine.

A balanced microbiome is vital to a healthier body and mind.

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher

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