Attraction – According to an Evolutionary Psychologist

Are you familiar with Dr. David Buss?

He’s considered one of the founders of evolutionary psychology.

A primary focus of his is human mating behavior.

Not what people say they prefer…

But what actually happens, backed by data.

I’ve heard him on several podcasts.

The recurring theme he speaks about is what women find physically attractive.

  • Good shoulder-to-hip ratio (wide shoulders and narrow waist).
  • Physically fit, well toned but not muscle-bound.
  • Guys who are taller than them and 1-2 inches taller than average male height.

You can’t really do anything about your height.

But I’ve never found that an issue anyway.

I see all sorts of hot women with average to shorter guys.

What he describes is absolutely the Movie Star Body

Michael B Jordan has this dialed in perfectly.

Notice how he doesn’t have chunky tree trunk legs?

The chubby gym bros probably tell him he needs to squat more.

Meanwhile, women around the world are drooling over his physique.

My specialty is helping men achieve this attractive look.

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In just 4-6 months…

You can be in the top 1% of physical attractiveness.

Let the gym bros live in the gym 6 days per week… they will get less attractive over time.

They will also accomplish less in life since the gym eats into too much of their time each week.

If a well-balanced life and becoming more attractive sounds good…

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Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher

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