Become More Powerful Than You Ever Imagined

There are a lot of limiting beliefs out there.

I recently heard this on a podcast…

“If you’re 180 pounds or under, it’s very unlikely you’ll ever hit a 315-pound bench press. No matter how hard you try.”

I’m slightly under 180 pounds.

I hit a set of 4 reps with 315 pounds not too long ago.

The reason I’m able to do this is that I don’t water down my workouts with pish posh lifts.

I hit the key lifts.

The heaviest sets are done first when I’m fresh.

Keeping rest in between sets long enough to generate serious power each and every set.

I have a clear goal for each set.

  • One more rep than last time
  • Or an increase in weight
  • Week after week until strength stalls
  • Then change the lift when that happens (usually around 6-8 weeks)

I’ve developed a routine that pushes your genetic limits…

Beyond what people believe is possible.

The devil is in the details.

I cover it all here…

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