What to Do if Your Bench Press is Stuck

Here’s what to do if your bench press is stuck.

I’ve built up to a 380-pound bench press at 180.

The bench press is a very stubborn exercise, but you know what is not a stubborn exercise?

The weighted dip.

You can actually get stronger at the weighted dip very quickly.

In fact, I’ve added 40 pounds in the past to my weighted dip in just two months and my bench press blew up.

The reason?

The weighted dip is known as the upper body squat.

It forces your body to activate a large amount of muscle… and the more muscle you can activate, the more strength you can build.

The dip is a closed chain movement.

Your hands are fixed, and your body is moving through space.

Whereas the bench press, your hands are moving.

If you’re stuck on the bench press?

Switch the bench press to the weighted dip.

Do it for two months.

Add 30-40 pounds of strength.

Go back to the bench press, and within one month, you will hit the biggest bench press PR of your life.

I’ve never seen this approach fail.

Give it a try!

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher


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