Bodyweight Training for Getting Lean?

The best way to improve with bodyweight exercise is to become a little lighter while gaining strength.

Bodyweight training incentivizes you to get as lean as possible.

But you can’t just lose weight.

If your weight loss comes from muscle tissue you will become weaker.

So to get better you must lose fat while maintaining or adding muscle.

*I’m able to do three one-arm chin ups now. Here’s a gif of the first rep. It’s way f*ckn harder than it looks.

There’s a reason you will never see an ounce of fat on an Olympic Gymnast.

Perfecting bodyweight training helps get you shredded.

It’s the ultimate body recomp training method.

If you have 5-10 stubborn pounds of fat, make sure you include at least SOME bodyweight exercises in your routine.

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