Bodyweight Training

Right now, I’m down in Cabo San Lucas.

I love living in Toronto.

The city and whole area is magical in the summer.

But summer isn’t quite here yet.

So I cheated and got summer a little early by flying to Cabo.

When you live in Canada, all vacations and trips are typically to a tropical climate.

Mexico, Florida, Hawaii, etc.

So far, Cabo has been great.

Sun, swimming, friendly people, killer food, and margaritas.

As far as workouts go.

It’s super easy getting the 10k+ steps in per day.

The scenery, fresh air, and smell of the ocean while walking are therapeutic.

I don’t even want to stop.

For resistance training, I’ve been doing bodyweight exercises.

I’m doing feet-elevated one-arm pushups here.

This is an advanced variation.

I didn’t start at this difficulty level with one arm-pushups…

I worked up to this point.

This is a HIGH-tension exercise.

The triceps, chest, and front delts have to fire hard in order to do these successfully.

Getting stronger at these builds density.

It really makes the chest and triceps look chiseled.

It also hits the muscles differently than a bench press since it’s a closed-chain exercise.

Tons of benefits to bodyweight training.

Doing one-arm pushups in my hotel room reminded me how much I enjoy this style of training.


Need to get off my computer and head to the beach.

But I’ll talk more about bodyweight training this week.

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher

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