Brendan Fraser’s Oscar Performance

I’m so pumped that Brendan Fraser won an Oscar on Sunday for his role in the movie The Whale.

I really like this movie…

Because it shines a light on the exact psychology of being overweight, binge eating, and emotional eating.

I think everyone’s kind of had those experiences where they feel a little bit of shame or some stuff is going wrong.

They lose control in their life.

And then they start eating and eating and eating.

It’s pretty damn powerful.

In my coaching group, we break down, how to break free of these negative eating patterns.

How to regain control of your mind.

Here’s an example from the movie The Whale.

There’s this one key catalyst moment in the movie where he’s actually inspired and motivated to make a change.

He starts to put the chocolate bars away.

He works on moving.

And then, he gets in an explosive fight with his daughter, he goes from feeling high esteem to feeling low esteem.

When you enter a state of low esteem, you take negative actions…

So then he starts to go back, and binge has one of his worst binge eats.

To really transform your body…

It’s key to not only have high standards but to also have high self-esteem.

When you feel good about yourself and you have high self-esteem, you want to take the right actions to have the best possible life and the best possible body.

You know, there can be negative forces in your life…

But the most negative force in your life usually is yourself.

You look in the mirror, you tell yourself, “Oh my God, I’m a piece of shit. I don’t work out. I look like garbage.”

The more negative self-talk you have the worse behaviors you take.

In order to actually change, you need to have a bit of love and empathy with yourself.

You have to look at yourself and think something like…

“You know what? I might not be where I want to be, but I accept where I am right now. I accept the present state. I accept the body have right now, and now it’s time to work on getting 1% better each week. Let’s have fun looking 1% better. And if I lose half a pound? Hell yeah, we’re winning.”

You get excited about the progress, and you make yourself feel confident with the progress.

You don’t tell yourself, “Oh my god, I still got 100 pounds to lose or I still have 10 pounds to lose.”

There is a deep psychology to mastering your fitness and mindset and mastering your dopamine signaling.

It is the mind that is holding guys back.

And this is just scratching the surface.

I cover this in detail in my coaching group.

Movie Star Coaching

Each week on our weekly calls we work on this.

It takes a bit of repetition for me to help you reprogram and rewire your brain for success.

But once I do?

You will not only be unstoppable when it comes to getting fit.

You will begin to excel in all areas of life.

If you feel ready to make a change?

I know I can help you.

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher


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