Building Big 3-D Shoulders Without Steroids

Big shoulders can be a sign of drug use

The reason is because the shoulders have the highest anabolic receptors of nearly any muscle group.

As a result, when men go on steroids…

They tend to experience a lot of muscle growth on their shoulders.

So when people see someone with big shoulders?

They automatically think steroids.

For instance, here’s a picture I took this past weekend in LA.

I posted this picture on Twitter with a caption.

“Still lifting twice per week.”

I already know what type of comments to expect.

Mainly good comments.

But no doubt will get a few like this…

Or someone trying to be clever.

Probably a quote he saw on a bodybuilding forum or Reddit…

Look, this just tells me these guys don’t know how to build large shoulders.

Most people don’t.

The majority of programs prioritize chest over shoulders.

Chest gets trained first.

I noticed this when I first got serious about training.

A guy named Scooby had a popular fitness channel on YouTube.

You can tell he is in great condition.

I just didn’t like the look.

His pecs take over his physique and it doesn’t look masculine to me.

My goal was to prioritize shoulders more than the popular YouTube channels at the time.

So I trained shoulders when they were fresh.

I figured out a few other things over the years.

Here’s how to make your shoulders stand out.

  1. Get strong on shoulder press (hit them fresh and hard with RPT)
  2. Lots of rest pause on lateral / rear delts. It’s a hack. More growth then just 3 sets of 10-12
  3. Be lean AF

My workout programming is simply superior to other programs on the market right now.

It gets superior results.

Not just for me but for my clients as well.

Over time, the shoulders really become impressive following my methodology.

People assume it has to be steroids.

They are wrong.

I can help you get incredibly impressive shoulders by tweaking your workout approach and diet strategy.

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Greg O’Gallagher


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