Chicken Legs?

How much muscle should you add to your legs?

It really depends on your goals.

I don’t think large muscular legs look bad in shorts…

They just become a nightmare when it comes to jeans, dress pants, etc.

I occasionally get told that I have “chicken legs”.

I carry most of the muscle in my upper thighs.

It’s just genetics.

My bones are also small so my legs look thin near the knee.

If I wanted to make my quads look bigger close to the knee, the upper thighs would have to become massive.

I am satisfied with my leg size.

I’m currently doing Bulgarian split squats to build up this area a bit.

But to be honest…

I don’t want to add THAT much more muscle to my legs anyway.

Here’s why…

As a natural lifer, your BMI has a ceiling.

If you want to add 5-10 pounds to your quads it is likely that you are limiting the amount of muscle you can gain on your upper body.

I prefer to maximize shoulders, v-taper, and upper chest.

I like my legs to be athletic and chiseled instead of maxing out the size.

It’s a preference.

Legs aren’t incredibly hard to build.

In fact, a lot of hard gainers can become extremely strong in the squat and the deadlift.

They can put on 15 pounds of muscle quickly.

The problem is that all this muscle gets added to their lower body and their upper body LAGS.

When actors add muscle for a role, they typically focus on the upper body.

Hugh Jackman got jacked as Wolverine.

He’s had haters telling him he has chicken legs.

If he wanted to, there is no doubt he could have spent more time doing squats and heavy leg work.

The problem is that it would have interfered with his impressive upper body muscle gains.

I think it is funny people criticize Hugh Jackman at all.

How many other 50 years olds do you know who look like this?

One more thing I’ve noticed about too much intense leg training.

My appetite drastically increases when I do too much leg training.

I’m not the only one who experiences this…

As soon as I get guys to cut back on their leg training they are able to stick to their diet and lose body fat.

Getting lean becomes easy.

I have figured out the ideal workout setup that prioritizes upper body muscle gains.

Your legs will get trained, but not so much that it makes it hard to get lean.

I cover all of this in detail here…

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Building leg mass is pretty straightforward.

It’s trickier to build capped delts, upper pecs, and V-taper while getting lean as f*ck.

Let me help you get that out of the way.

Gains in these targetted muscle groups will create a dramatic transformation in 3-6 months.

If you try to build massive legs at the same time…

It will mess with your upper body gains.

Once I get you into movie star shape, you can decide at that point if you want to add more leg mass.

Just make sure you do the upper body first.

It will make the biggest impact.

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