Cocaine in the Gym?

Have you seen the movie Cocaine Bear?

It’s on Amazon right now.

It has serious actors, but it isn’t a serious movie.

It’s dumb but has a few funny parts.

I’ve been in gyms where guys seem too jacked up.

Almost like the Cocaine Bear.

You ever see a guy that looks like he’s ripped 10 lines of blow?

Eyes popping out of his skull.

Really, he’s just on a stimulant-loaded pre-workout.

I took one of these years ago.

I couldn’t f*ckn stand the feeling!

Heart beating out of my chest.

Super itchy skin.

“Ya’ll got any more of that Jack3d?”

There actually was a pre-workout called “Jack3d”.

It was banned in 2013, I think.

It had DMAA, which is linked to high blood pressure, headaches, vomiting, strokes, and death.

But people got used to this jacked-up feeling.

So now, pre-workouts just pump in the stimulants.

They scare me when I look at the labels.

If you over-caffeinate or take a ton of other stimulants, you are asking for a crash.

You might not wind up like Uma does in Pulp Fiction

But you will pay the price for taking too many stimulants.

When we created the formula for Octane, it was important that we didn’t just jack-up the formula with obscene amounts of caffeine.

We use just enough caffeine.

About as much as you would get in a cup of coffee (150 mg).

Here’s what makes our formula different…

One ingredient we included in Octane, L-Theanine, creates a euphoric feeling when combined with caffeine.

Smooth, steady long-lasting energy.

In the gym, I’ll put my earbuds in and get a classic 80s tune playing.

I’ll grab a heavy pair of dumbbells.

The Octane gives me a smooth, euphoric feeling.

Music sounds a little better.

It puts me in a positive mood.

When I’m ready to lift, I know I will be successful.

I’ll hit a crazy PR more often than not.

I swear our formulation makes ALL the difference.

What’s cool about L-Theanine is that it has been shown to stay in the body for 8-10 hours.

The positive effects get magnified with caffeine.

So you can take Octane in the morning.

Then drink a cup of coffee before you work out in the afternoon.

This reactivates the L-theanine.

Other pre-workouts simply don’t have this advantage.

If you haven’t tried Octane, I have a killer deal going on right now.

We have a stack called The Lean Stack.

It contains both Octane and Kino Collagen.

Here’s the deal.

We have a Buy 1 Get One Free Sale going on these 4 Collagen/Octane flavor combos.

  • Chocolate/Tropic Thunder
  • Vanilla Macaroon/Tropic Thunder
  • Chocolate/Grape
  • Vanilla Macaroon/Grape

Grab any one of these, and you will get another for free.

Octane is the best pre-workout.

But with this stack, you also get our Collagen Protein supplement.

The Lean Stack BOGO Sale

I recommend mixing it in 2% Greek yogurt and slicing in a banana for lunch.

This makes it easy to get lean.

Especially with the steady energy that Octane provides.

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher

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