Controversial Fat Burning Pill of the 90s

First it was the 80s…

But now the 90s are making a comeback in pop culture as well.

Kind of pumped about it.

The cool thing about the 90s, is that I was around then and remember a decent amount of that decade.

I heard Netflix just released “That 90s Show”.

A spinoff of That 70s Show.

I’ve heard good things.

The 90s were before smartphones, so maybe the last decade when people were truly present.

Glad I got to experience that.

As far as fitness goes…

I didn’t really get into working out until the early 2000s, but from what I hear, Ephedrine was hugely popular for weight loss back then.

Ephedrine was huge in the 90s.

The US banned it quite a while ago, and a few years ago, Canada cracked down.

One of the big issues with Ephedrine is it is a powerful stimulant that also raises blood pressure.

This can be dangerous if combined with caffeine.

People experienced anxiety, panic attacks, and it even resulted in death.

Here’s a diagram I found comparing Ephedrine with Forskolin.

I don’t plan on explaining each step, but…

Forskolin gets the same end result of Ephedrine (fat loss) without being a stimulant or raising blood pressure.

This is why we include it in Kino Mojo.

And as I mentioned yesterday, a recent study showed it boosts testosterone as well.

An increase in free T combined with the fat loss benefits of Forskolin make for an extremely effective supplement.

This is why you see transformations like this from guys taking Mojo.

Okay Ogut cut from 228 to 198.

He did this in 6 months and took Kino Mojo for the final 3 months, which really dialed in his physique.

Guys are not only adding muscle and getting leaner.

They are blasting through strength plateaus in the gym.

It’s WAY more f*ckn motivating to lift when you crush PRs.

Success in the gym builds confidence.

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