Craving Spicy Food Tied to High T-Levels

There’s a French study from 2015 that found something interesting…

Men with higher testosterone levels tend to love spicy food.

Researchers saw a clear correlation between higher hot sauce usage and higher levels of testosterone levels found in the saliva of the men.

The study is titled “Some Like it Hot”.

Men with high testosterone tend to be more socially dominant, aggressive, and like engaging in daring behaviors.

Maybe spicy food is a slightly daring way to eat?

Low testosterone levels have been associated with lethargy or depression…

“Can I get the mild salsa on my burrito, please?”

Being drawn to spicy food is one sign that you could have high testosterone, but there’s more.

Here are 3 signs that you have high levels of testosterone:

  1. You Put on Muscle Easily
  2. You Wake Up with a Hard On
  3. High Self Confidence

Men are supposed to be confident and assertive.

Chemicals in our environment today have reduced our natural levels.

The men in previous generations had almost DOUBLE the natural t-levels as we do today.

*In the 1940s, the average man had 700+ levels of testosterone, and today the average man is in the 300-400 range.

This is a HUGE difference.

It’s in our nature to have these assertive masculine traits.

Women are drawn to masculinity, and guys who possess it, have 10X more options as guys who don’t.

  • Having attractive masculine traits is tied to high testosterone levels.
  • Success is tied to high testosterone levels.

You live once, so why not try to become both successful and as attractive as possible to women?

Stack everything in your favor.

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Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher

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