A Common Mistake Most Men Make During a Date

Most men do not understand how to create a strong connection with a woman on a date.

They go about it the wrong way.

Most guys feel like they have to impress the girl on a date.

They got to tell them some really cool stories, and be charming and charismatic.

They have to put on this show…

Bring up little slight things that are gonna impress the girl.

Women are very, very smart.

They actually are a lot more socially smart than men.

So a lot of times, they’ll see through that.

Most guys, they’ll go on a date, and they’ll think it went amazing when it went really shitty.

Then they’ll get ghosted by the girl who will never message them again.

They essentially just deliver themselves on a silver platter.

What guys that are good with women do…

They talk like maybe 20, 30% of the time.

Then they sit back, and they just kind of ask questions.

A lot of dating coaches will say that being the interview guy is wrong.

Asking questions is wrong.

It’s the COMPLETE opposite!

They do not know what they’re talking about.

Sure, if you go and approach a girl in a club and you’re asking her questions, it’s not gonna go over it very well.

But if you have a girl on a date and she’s interested in you, the only thing you’re there to do is to learn as much about her, get her talk, get her opening up.

Get her sharing stuff that she feels like… “oh, my God, gone on ten dates in the last year, and no one’s known this much about me.”

The more the woman starts opening up and sharing with you.

And the more you play, a little bit of a mystery…

The stronger the connection gets.

So try to be the one asking the questions, getting a girl to really talk to open up.

The other thing that most guys do on dates when the girls are really freaking hot?

They’re like… “oh, my God, this girl is freakin beautiful.”

They kind of become a bit reactive, and they let the girl kind of hold the frame.

Then the girl will often put out a harsh energy and wants to test.

When this happens, you need to take over the frame.

Stop the conversation and be like… “1 second, I’m going to order a drink.”

Every time she begins to test, keep breaking it down.

Let these little micro brakes force her to enter your frame.

The natural dynamic between men and women is for the man to lead.

When a woman is leading?

They don’t get attracted.

One last thing is this…

Men have become more feminine and women have become more masculine over the past 30 years.

Women want men who lead.

Masculine energy creates attraction.

The 10-20% of men who have it get all their choice of women.

One of the big reasons men tend to be more passive and feminine is the massive drop in testosterone in the past 3-4 decades.

I can’t stress this enough…

Women can sense if a guy is pretending to be masculine.

You want this oozing out of your pores.

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