Kind of a D*ck Move

Not sure what provoked this.

I recently posted a short video on Instagram.

Just talked about things that were hurting your ability to produce testosterone.

My tips were this.

  • Beer isn’t great because hops are estrogenic
  • Vegetable oils are high in omega-6 fats which are linked to lower testosterone.
  • Flax lowers your testosterone

None of what I said was controversial.

There’s research to back all this stuff.

Helpful tips.

So I was surprised when a well-known fitness guru responded with this.

Layne Norton is a well-known figure in this space.

Has a Ph.D.

Goes on large podcasts, etc.

But honestly, kind of a dick move to try and tear me down.

No need for this.

And I wasn’t having it…

There are studies that back what I claim.

I think he mainly had an issue with my claim about Flax and testosterone.

Research has shown that high-lignan foods like flaxseed can bind testosterone and increase sex hormone-binding globulin, leading to reduced circulating testosterone.

And I learned this YEARS ago from Christopher Walker.

Not Paul Salidino as Layne suggests.

A bunch of people responded to his comment.

The Kino Warriors sprung into action to defend my honor (I appreciate you guys).

But his crew came into my comment section as well.

One guy questioned my credibility because Layne has a Ph.D. in nutrition, and I don’t.

Instead of addressing my tips/claims, he used Layne’s Ph.D. as the reason for me being wrong…

We call that the “Appeal to Authority” fallacy.

I have seen Lane unnecessarily try to bully other coaches and tear them down for no reason.

He leaves snarky comments all over the place.

He might even be correct at times.

I know he has a vast level of knowledge when it comes to overall nutrition.

Has a Ph.D.

I do respect that.

But when it comes to incredible client transformations

It’s not even close.

Heck, Movie Star Masterclass alone has probably changed more lives than all of his courses combined.

But here’s why I’m writing this…

I wanted to address his toxic comment, not for my sake.

I know a lot of people who read my stuff also are entrepreneurs starting their own businesses.

You’re going to get toxic assholes like this who try to tear you down.

It’s inevitable.

Some of them even have impressive degrees.

Ignore the haters.

Move on, succeed, and surpass them.

They can’t stand it, LMAO.

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher

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