Do THIS to Break Through 10% Body Fat

You are probably making fat loss harder than it needs to be.

I know I was for years.

It’s because you are relying on willpower and discipline alone.

If things feel like they are a struggle or take a lot of effort, it’s likely that you are fighting against your unconscious mind.

If you are relying on your conscious mind alone, it’s going to be tough.

*There is a powerful way to program your unconscious mind to make outcomes almost automatic.

The way to program this part of your brain is through Self-Hypnosis.

I KNOW this sounds spacey or out-there.

I was a skeptic at first as well but…

Then I noticed that at least 90% of my high-achieving friends use self-hypnosis to f*ckn crush every area of their lives.

^^^ I’m actually underselling the power of this.

Self-hypnosis does seem a little odd at first.

You need to hit a certain state in order for your unconscious mind to respond.

This involves visualization and repetition.

Doing this properly will make it easy to change any behavior.

Sticking to your diet and getting shredded is all about behavior.

Self-hypnosis can make sticking to your diet 10X easier.

Many of my best coaching client transformations used this to get as lean as they visualized.

If you are hitting a sticking point and struggling, it simply means your inner reality isn’t deeply visualizing yourself as lean, laser-focused, and disciplined.

Once you get this right, it becomes F*CKN easy.

We reprogram the inner to create the outer.

I have a specific script I started using again three weeks ago.

It’s been a game-changer.

I’ve decided this is so powerful that I’m going to include the EXACT script I use in…

Movie Star Body Masterclass

This is going to help you get as lean as you want without struggle.

If you have never been below 10% body fat…

This will make it a reality for you.

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher


This specific script works wonders.

My advice is to pick up Movie Star Body Masterclass.

  • You can listen to my audio
  • Or you can record the script in your own voice
  • Simply listen to it every day for 7-10 days
  • Then continue to listen to it about 1-2 times per week

It will help you get past any fat loss sticking point.

But the power of this method can be scaled beyond just fat loss.

The method I’m going to teach you in the course works for anything.

It’s that powerful.

When you get your mind laser-focused on who you want to become…

It gets rid of self-sabotage.

Your mind works with you, not against you.

What I have found is that unsuccessful people typically make fun of things like meditating and self-hypnosis.

Successful people understand the power of this type of deep programming.

Experience it for yourself.

Movie Star Body Masterclass


I just launched a new comprehensive system called Mojo Mastery.

It includes.

  • Mojo and nitro subscription
  • 6-month movie star routine
  • Nutrition protocol for cutting & bulking
  • Testosterone guide to maximize T
  • My Mindset guide for more success
  • My sleep protocol to feel reborn
  • Live monthly calls with me
  • Mojo Club (group access w support)
  • Early access to clothing launches
  • Much more

This is a $249 per month program.

Everyone who joins now will lock this in at $99/month.

The $99 per month includes The Mojo Stack ($75 per month value).

So essentially you are getting the rest of this system with coaching and monthly calls with me for just a little more than the cost of the supplement.

The price will eventually be $249 per month.

So lock in this incredible deal!

Mojo Mastery