Easy Way to Avoid Bingeing on Your Diet

You can screw up 6 days of progress on a diet with one intense binge.

I see this all the time.

Guys will follow my program perfectly most of the week and then undo all that progress with a few dinners where they lose all self-control.

You can use discipline to fight the urge to binge.

But discipline alone can be tough.

I did that for years and then finally asked myself why I felt the urge to binge in the first place.

*At first, I figured out it was because my calories were simply too low… the deficit was not sustainable.

I fixed this by getting the calories “just low enough without being too low”.

This helped, but I wanted to figure out a way to simply crave less food at night…

You do this by meeting your protein needs and working with your body, not against it.

Protein has been shown to curb hunger.

There is an interesting hypothesis about why we stop or reduce eating once protein needs are met…

The body possibly does this to protect itself from consuming too much protein (as a protective mechanism).

Amino acids help you meet these protein targets with close to zero calories.

Kino Aminos (Kill Late-Night Cravings)

Think of amino acids as almost a Diet Protein.

You are feeding your muscles protein without adding a significant number of calories.

When you feed your muscles during the day…

Your body naturally craves less food at night.

You are getting the equivalent of a protein-rich meal during the day without all the extra calories.

It’s a win-win when you are trying to get lean.

Kino Aminos (No More Bingeing)

This makes it so much easier to avoid any late-night bingeing.

You simply won’t have those powerful cravings.

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher


The cost of a serving of our premium amino formula is just a little over $1 per day.

You will easily save more than $1 per day in food bills when you supplement with Kino Aminos.

I mean seriously…

A few spoonfuls of ice cream is $1.

A candy bar is around a dollar.

A partial bag of chips is a buck.

A few late-night cookies will easily run you a $1.

Instead of eating all this stuff that will take you away from your goals…

Invest in a supplement that will absolutely help you stick to your diet, and help you retain muscle while accelerating fat loss.

Kino Aminos (Spend Less on Food)


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