Exactly How to Gain Muscle & Lose Fat

You’ve probably seen the movie “300”.

Or at least have heard of it.

This movie came out in 2006.

It came out right around the time I was beginning to take lifting weights seriously.

I saw this movie as a teenager and was frickin’ inspired!

I guess the term “six pack abs” tripled, according to Google Trends, shortly after this movie was released.

I wanted abs like that!

Also an armor-plated chest and capped delts these guys had.

These actors worked their tails off to get ready for the movie.

I actually thought their workouts were 2 hours.

So, I tried to emulate that.

Spending close to 2 hours in the gym 5-6 days per week.

But check this out…

Gerard Butler actually trained 6 hours per day leading up to the movie!

Here’s a quote from this 2016 GQ article – “I was working out six hours a day: two hours with them, two hours doing the 300 work-out, two hours with my own bodybuilder… pumping 25 times before each take.”

This is unrealistic and, even worse, COMPLETELY unnecessary.

Here’s what sucks.

When I go into gyms…

I see almost everyone is following routines that have been inspired by these inneficient Hollywood actor workouts.

Most of their routines are ridiculous.

These actors typically take various drugs.

It gives them the ability to do insane volume without overtraining.

Your workout should look NOTHING like theirs (especially if you are natural).

Everything changed for me when I finally figured this out.

The ironic thing is that when I spent WAY less time in the gym… is when I started getting the results I was after.

By drastically reducing the volume of my workouts, I was able to recover.

Muscle tissue is built during recovery days (this is key).

I reduced training to just 3 short workouts per week.

So, more rest and recovery.

  • My strength and muscle mass increased rapidly.
  • I also got my cortisol levels in check (no more cortisol belly)
  • It became easier to get lean, and muscles began to pop out.

And I FINALLY got my abs to show.

This was my first time getting truly shredded.

I could have cut years off of this process if I hadn’t wasted those 4 years following lame mainstream routines.

Here’s what I did and recommend you do as well.

*How to Gain Muscle and Lose Fat*

  1. Small calorie deficit with optimal protein intake: A great calorie target is 13 calories per pound of your goal bodyweight. For protein, aim for about .8g per pound of bodyweight. To mobilize body fat, a calorie deficit must be in place. If you go too steep, Testosterone drops, and the risk of muscle loss increases. Dial in the perfect calorie deficit, and you can drop fat, gain muscle, feel satisfied, and sport solid T levels.
  2. Build strength in 5-10 rep range on key movements: If you are lifting heavier your body is forced to build more contractual filaments in the muscle. Adding 20 lbs to incline press and weighted chin ups, is indicative of 7 lbs of muscle. To gain strength easily, you must keep volume low and train with intensity. A calorie deficit is a recovery deficit. More sets are harder to recover from. Lift with RPT.
  3. Must achieve high levels of free T: This is a massive advantage for gaining muscle while dropping fat. High free T supports body composition (more muscle and less fat.) Simple strategy… take zinc, magnesium, boron, and Tongkat Ali daily. This is in Kino Mojo… and in addition to those ingredients, we added forskohlii to enhance fat loss and free T.

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