Exercise Scientist Critiques Kinobody’s Diet & Training Advice

This past weekend, Renaissance Periodization, a YouTube channel with 1.6 million followers, critiqued a couple of my videos.

I figured it was coming.

Mike Israetel is the guy who runs the channel.

He basically looks at every popular workout program and points out what he agrees and disagrees with.

Smart guy with helpful info.

His thumbnails always make it look like he is going to tear apart a training methodology.

But the videos aren’t THAT critical.

Here’s the link to the video if you want to watch it (opens in a new window).

Exercise Scientist Critiques Kinobody’s Diet and Training Advice

He only had a few disagreements with my approach.

Despite what the thumbnail made it look like.

He mainly looked at two videos.

  • My “The Real Bruce Wayne Revealed” video from almost 9 years ago
  • A Kino Mojo promo video we’ve used in ads

Let’s discuss the Real Bruce Wayne video first.

This video really helped put the Kinobody brand on the map.

Literally 25% of all the men that transformed on my system – started here.

They watched this video took fkn action, and transformed.

This video took a lot of planning…

I wanted to create a cinematic video that embodied the Kinobody philosophies.

I was inspired by The Dark Knight and American Psycho.

*This video has been viewed over 3 million times and absolutely skyrocketed my brand.

I know it’s over-the-top.

That was the intention.

I made it when I was a young 24-year-old…

And if I could go back in time and meet my 24-year-old self, I’d give him a f*ckn high five because this took balls.

I was nervous about putting myself out there.

But did it anyway.

Took the risk.

It was a gamble that paid off better than I ever imagined.

*No single video in all of fitness was a bigger catalyst to get men to lift weights, dial in their calories and protein, and do a daily fast.*

Had I not made that video, many, many thousands may have not transformed their bodies and their lives.

I spent 10 years mastering my approach to fitness (from the age of 14 to 24).

Now the question was – how can I hit the mainstream?

I knew how much power and potential this system had.

So, I made and released this video.

It was polarizing…

Some enjoyed it, and some people really disliked it.

But it helped me find the right people.

*I wanted to let people know in the video that Kinobody was aimed at helping guys create this lean, chiseled Movie Star physique.

Bodybuilders typically aren’t fans of this video.

I don’t think Mike Israetel enjoyed it.

Makes sense…

He is more into the professional bodybuilder look, and that isn’t who I’m trying to reach.

Plus, to be honest, I’m not sure he really got the American Psycho reference.

All good…

Let’s go through some of his critiques.

1. He doesn’t believe that intermittent fasting improves mental focus.

I made this Bruce Wayne video in 2015.

But I was pushing IF, beginning in 2011, long before it was accepted.

People back then thought you would lose muscle, store fat and your brain wouldn’t work.

And we saw quite the opposite.

Improved fat mobilization and muscle preservation.

This makes sense from an evolutionary standpoint.

If you can’t think when you miss a meal, how did our ancestors survive in harsh, brutal, unimaginable conditions?

You would have been weeded out quickly.

There’s some anecdotal evidence that it supports mental focus and some that it doesn’t.

I find that when you wake up and don’t have to cook and clean…

And you drink coffee.

You get a boost in productivity and can work effectively.

If you fast too long, it isn’t as effective.

Fasting can increase neuroplasticity in the brain[1], increase BDNF[2], and can reduce brain inflammation[3].

So fasting can be beneficial.

2. His second point is he says there is no benefit of intermittent fasting besides calorie restriction.

Intermittent fasting has several benefits beyond just calorie restriction.

  • Reduces visceral fat
  • Reduces insulin resistance
  • Improves heart health markers
  • Enhances cellular repair
  • Potential protection against chronic diseases
  • Improves brain function
  • Increases life span (suggested in animal studies)
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Higher cell turnover and tissue health

Yes, a lot of the benefits you get are losing body fat by having calorie restriction in place.

But calorie restriction is finite.

You cannot do calorie restriction forever.

Once you get close to your ideal body weight and body fat percentage you can’t sustain a big calorie deficit.

With fasting you can get some benefits without having to sustain a calorie deficit.

This is the reason I’m able to stay lean year-round while maintaining muscle.

Works well for that.

If you are in a calorie deficit forever, you are going to wither away.

Some people push the idea of extreme calorie restriction to increase longevity.

The people who practice this eat very few calories per day and have very little muscle.

No offense, but they don’t look healthy or vibrant to me.

The man doesn’t look masculine or imposing at all.

No thank you!

Avoid long-term calorie restriction.

Intermittent fasting is a superior approach.

3. He also doesn’t like intermittent fasting because he believes eating four meals per day is optimal for gaining muscle -versus- 2 meals per day like I recommend.

There’s a 2018 study[4] by Brad Schoenfeld and Alan Aragon showing that 4 meals evenly spread out are optimal for gaining muscle.

It’s probably why Mike mentioned this.

However, newer 2023 research[5] is showing this is not the case.

*This research demonstrates that ingesting larger, less frequent protein meals can be as effective as smaller, more frequent meals for stimulating muscle protein synthesis over an extended period.

The anabolic response is proportional to the amount of protein consumed in a meal.

A large amount of protein (100g) resulted in a greater and more prolonged (12-16h) anabolic response compared to ingesting a moderate amount (25g).

This suggests meal frequency may be less important than total daily protein intake for optimizing muscle growth.

So it doesn’t matter if you get your protein in 2 meals per day or 4.

I find that 2 meals per day provides just as much growth as 4 meals per day.

The current research backs this.

4. His third critique is that I have an impressive back but a flat butt.

I actually agree with Mike here.

In that video, I went super minimalist and barely did legs.

I have a bigger, fatter ass now, lol.

But even now, I don’t recommend doing too much legs.

I’ll do sets of Bulgarian split squats, reverse lunges, Romanian deadlifts, calf raises, leg extensions, etc.

Michael Israetel needs to know this… my butt is fuller now, thank you very much.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is maxresdefault-1.jpg

*I’m not at Connor McGregor’s level, but we’re getting somewhere.

In fact, when I brought some girls to shoot guns in Miami…

They even complimented my ass while firing the ol Dirty Harry

He didn’t have much to criticize about my training.

A couple of exceptions…

5. He thought since I was focusing on minimalist training, that I should have stuck to incline presses over the shoulder press.

Yes, if you had to choose one pressing movement, I agree with Mike.

Incline press would be it.

If I had to stick to three total movements for a workout program, it would be weighted chin-ups, incline presses, and Bulgarian split squats.

But with Kinobody, we really emphasize shoulders.

More than most programs.

So, in order to have impressive shoulders that pop, you need to do some shoulder pressing.

You see guys who are either dominant in their shoulders or dominant in their chest.

*Guys like Arnold Schwarzenegger are chest-dominant.

I like shoulders to be more dominant than the chest.

I think it’s more masculine and powerful than having a boob-like chest.

So, shoulder presses are a must.

6. Mike also wanted me to go much lower in lifts and emphasize the stretch.

I just seem to make greater strength and muscle gains when I lower my heaviest sets just to ear level on shoulder press.

I just like my elbows to slightly break 90 degrees.

I do go deeper on my lighter sets.

That being said, most of this hysteria about stretch-mediated hypertrophy has been completely overblown.

Mike’s training really emphasizes the stretch.

But the current research doesn’t back this.

Most of the results show no enhanced gains.

You have to do insane amounts of weighted stretched to make a difference.

Here’s a quote from this meta-analysis[6].

“However, studies that reported functional and morphological increases in humans commonly used stretching durations of > 30 min per session of the plantar flexors, indicating the importance of high stretching volume, if the aim is to increase muscle mass and maximum strength.

I’m not going to spend 30 minutes of my workout in a weighted stretch.

And I just don’t think there is enough evidence to emphasize the stretch during heavy sets.

In my opinion, you are risking injury with not much reward.

7. He doesn’t like my choice of incline dumbbell triceps extension because it only provides a partial range of motion.

There’s a 2019 study[7] showing partial rep triceps exercise is more effective for increasing the size of the muscle than full range.

This one had tested two groups of men.

  • One group did full range triceps exercise (FRE)
  • One group did partial rep triceps exercise (PRE)

The cross-sectional area of the muscle was “significantly greater” with the partial rep group compared to the full range group.

The researchers claimed this to be especially effective for experienced lifters.

“Therefore, PRE might be a valid training protocol, especially for well-trained individuals with blunted hypoxic muscle stimulation because of long-term resistance training.”

So the irony is someone like Mike would benefit from doing these more than his current program.

I’m not saying that you need to do partial reps to build big triceps.

But it definitely doesn’t hurt.

The research backs this as a faster way to gain size.

8. He doesn’t agree with my stance on how body fat affects testosterone production.

I recommend guys stay at 15% or lower.

He thinks it’s fine to be at 20%.

I disagree because, at higher than 15%, you are going to have higher levels of estrogen.

There’s no reason someone needs to be at 20% body fat.

You are going to be healthier at 15%.

9. He also believes that if you already have healthy levels of testosterone, taking a supplement isn’t really going to do anything.

I used to think that as well.

But we are seeing the craziest thing with Mojo.

Andrew Huberman, a PhD Neuroscientist from Standford, stoked that fire with Tongkat Ali.

He was blown away by the results.

Most people don’t think you should be able to increase testosterone 20-30% if you are already at a healthy level.

But our customers are seeing these types of increases in T levels.

And some results have been mind-blowing…

*This guy took Mojo and almost tripled his Free T after just a few months.

I don’t blame Mike for being skeptical.

But we have thousands of customers, and the case studies we are getting are crazy.

All of the benefits that people think of that come with higher testosterone…

Increased libido, more confidence, more energy, improved physique, more muscle and less fat… really comes down to Free Testosterone.

Everyone gets tested and looks at their Total T.

You could have 700 total…

But not experience the benefits because your Free T is low.

Where Mojo shines is that it increases both the Free and Total T.

But what we are really optimizing for is Free Testosterone.

Makes a BIG difference.

The average man is 30-40% lower than they should be due to chemicals and toxins in our environment and lack of certain nutrients in their diet.

That is why we can rebuild it.

Mojo has nutrients that are anti-estrogenic and help deal with the stuff we are exposed to each day.

We are simply getting guys to where they should be naturally.


Mike Israetel is widely respected in the exercise science space. He didn’t go that hard on me. Just a few nuances in my training and philosophies we don’t agree on.

But my advice is to not take my word for it.

See if fasting the first 5 hours of the day helps you hit your deficit more easily and improve your focus.

Try heavy shoulder presses where you go, just slightly lower than 90 degrees.

Put this system to the test…

There’s a reason why we are having the best transformations in the world.

*I will put the transformations from Kinobody programs up against any in the fitness industry… in terms of both quality and quantity.

People who get my programs continue to do them years later…

Since nothing delivers this level of rapid improvement.

Here’s what happens.

People will do Movie Star or Greek God they get great results…

But then run off to try a different approach.

They’ll jump on the bandwagon of a new program.

  • They will go on higher calories
  • Train 5 times per week
  • Strength gains stall
  • Put on some weight

They never get the same results that they got with my programs.

Sure enough, they always come back to Kinobody.

When the goal is to enrich your life, you need to separate from the pack.

Being a fluffy 200+ pounds is NOT separating from the pack.

If you have that physique…

Guys will give you credit for your strength and your size.

But you will go relatively unnoticed.

I help guys stand out.

If you want to separate from the pack, you have to look like a movie star.

And nobody can teach this better than me.

I’m not trying to sound cocky, I’ve just been mastering and focusing on this for 10+ years and have the testimonials to prove it.

If you want to try something else… do it, but look at the results.

People always come right back.

Because nothing creates this look better than Kinobody.

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher


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