Experiencing a Fat Loss Sticking Point?

Fat loss sticking points are f*ckn annoying.

I estimate that 80% of people will hit a sticking point when trying to get lean.

The other 20% gets lean systematically.

In fact, I could break it down like this.

  • 40% struggle totally
  • 40% struggle with last 10 pounds
  • 20% get lean easily

My goal is to get everyone to the “get lean easily” category.

*I was in the “struggled totally” category for years… I was always carrying around 15-20 pounds that were hard to get rid of.

If you have quite a bit of fat to lose I can help you.

I’ve been there too.

In the next few emails, I plan on discussing what it takes to make fat loss automatic.

In this email let’s talk about that first category.

You are struggling with fat loss in general (more than 10 pounds to lose).

Most people mess up…

The popular approach to fat loss is to burn more calories.

Remember P90x?

*You couldn’t avoid the P90X infomercials 15 years ago.

This wasn’t a bad program.

It was pretty darn intense, though and I think it burned many people out.

It sold people on the idea that they needed to burn a ton of calories and sweat hard each workout in order to get lean.

This is a common misconception.

Heck, I fell for it when during my teens and early 20s.

*I was big into HIIT and various intervals and cardio when I wanted to get shredded.

HIIT did burn calories.

The problem is that it also did two other things.

  • Metabolism slowed a bit rest of the day (cardio compensation)
  • Increased appetite

So I was burning maybe 300 calories.

I’d wind up eating an extra 500-600 calories per day because of it.

When body fat didn’t go down, I’d push even harder.

Workouts became long.

I figured getting lean was always going to be a struggle for me.

I was so frickin burnt out from living in the gym that I needed a break.

I decided to lift just 3 times per week.

No cardio.

Ironically, I began to almost effortlessly lose body fat.

It was when I stopped focusing on “burning calories” and simply dialed in my diet that my body began to get lean.

Movie Star Masterclass outlines my exact fat loss strategy.

*I mistakenly assumed that guys who got lean with diet alone simply had better genetics.

I was wrong.

Focusing on your diet is the ONLY way you are going to get shredded.

I wish I understood this when I was younger.

If you are struggling to lose weight I 100% guarantee it is because you are eating too much.

Most likely you are underestimating the number of calories you are eating each day.

I’ve created a brain-dead simple way to dial in your calories…

The Lean Stack is our Collagen + Octane bundle.

  • Octane in the morning is an appetite suppressant and provides you with steady energy.
  • Kino Collagen is a highly bioavailable protein that won’t spike blood sugar like whey protein.

Octane contains L-Theanine.

This stays in your system for several hours.

You can reactivate this by drinking coffee right before your workout.

With the Lean Stack, all you really need to worry about is dinner.

Figure out 3-4 dinners with good macros.

Take The Lean Stack during the day and simply repeat those dinners.

If you have 10-20+ pounds of fat to lose…

This will absolutely do the trick!

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher


Fat loss becomes a little trickier once you are 10 pounds away from being shredded.

It’s a mental AND physical thing.

Will talk about that in the next email.


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