Fasting Isn’t Just About Fat Loss

Fasting is incredible for fat loss.

It’s such a killer way to make hitting a calorie deficit almost effortless.

But there’s another reason I like fasting.

When you are fasting…

It puts you in a hunter’s mindset. You want to get work done.

Then that feast becomes the reward.

Once I started using fasting, I could never go back.

The fasting system reinforces the work-reward pathway.

Here are some things to AVOID that mess with your work-reward pathway:

  • Porn – You are getting a reward and dopamine without the work. Stop immediately because this f*cks up your dopamine system.
  • Marijuana – This blunts your dopamine system directly. Eventually, you won’t get the same joy out of life. It makes it painful to work hard. It’s a ticking time bomb. Avoid it.
  • Drinking – Same issue as Marijuana. Limit it or avoid it altogether.

You can get away with some of this stuff from time to time, just limit it when you want to upgrade your life to the next level.

Easy dopamine spikes without doing anything lead to an unhappy life.

Working out is tied to dopamine as well.

I believe your workouts should embody these same principles.

With my workout system, you are getting measurably stronger each week (either one more rep or 5 more pounds).

It’s simple and focused.

People like adding “Pish Posh” exercises to their routines because it is fun.

They get a dopamine hit from just being in the gym.

I get it, but this is distracting people from getting results.

With my system, you only go into the gym when you are 100% certain you will get stronger in key lifts.

When people use the Kinobody workout system, they strengthen that work-reward pathway.

They become more successful in life.

I’ve literally had people use my system, transform and make millions of dollars per year.

My goal is to build a massive network of guys who win at life.

We have a special program for current Kinobody customers to make this a reality.

The Movie Star Body Accelerator

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Positive momentum in life is a powerful thing.

Let’s f*ckn make it happen for you!

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher

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