Fat Loss Effect of This Herb

Yesterday I discussed how being overweight increases estrogen levels.

You REALLY want to get under 15% ASAP.

Here’s that article if you missed it…

High Body Fat = Higher Estrogen Levels?

One helpful herb for losing body fat is forskohlii.

There are several studies that demonstrate the fat loss benefits.

One of them is a meta-analysis of 7 separate studies.

The findings of a meta-analysis study are more significant than looking at any one single study.

If one study shows a result…

It could be a fluke.

Or it could have been a poorly run study.

When you are looking at a group of studies, you can be much more confident in the results.

In this case?

*Coleus forskohlii significantly reduced body fat and improved weight management compared to placebo (across 7 studies).

This is why we included it in The Mojo Stack.

It works well!

In just 3 months, Sasha went from 188 – 176.

He lost 12 pounds of fat while increasing strength and adding muscle to his frame.

The leaner you get…

Typically the more free T you will have access to.

Optimizing testosterone while losing fat is the best way to create a rapid transformation.

Forskohlii will accelerate this process for you.

This is why we made it a crucial ingredient in our stack.

Get it here…

The Mojo Stack

The sooner you get lean, the better you will be off hormonally.

This stack will help make this happen.

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Greg O’Gallagher


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