Feminized Guys in the Gym?

I was working out the other day.

Looked across the gym.

I saw a woman doing walking lunges using an Olympic bar with 135 pounds.

I’m not sure I’ve seen a woman this strong.

Later in my workout, I realized this was a guy.

He looked like a muscular woman from far away since his lower body was curvy.

This isn’t a great look.

I discussed this recently on Twitter.

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Squats are effective at building large chunky legs but can really mess up your physique.

It can give you a feminine silhouette.

Even worse when your shoulders are small, and you have droopy pecs.

Someone responded to my post with this comment.

“So do you think this information is false?”

Then he attached this pic.

*This graphic is basically saying that bodybuilders look good but aren’t functionally strong… and Strongmen have a very thick waist which is better for legitimate strength.

I don’t think either of these is the way to go.

Strongman competitors don’t look healthy to me.

They tend to be bulky and strong with a high body fat percentage.

Competitive bodybuilders still have overdeveloped legs, in my opinion, and a bit too much mass in general.

There’s a third build that I believe is superior to both of these.

The Movie Star Body.

Ideally, you want shoulders to be the main thing to stand out.

Thick upper pecs create an “armor-plated chest”.

Then a lean, taut waist.

This always looks attractive to women.

You also don’t want to be huge like a Strongman competitor because that slows you down.

And Strongmen typically aren’t relatively strong…

Not strong when it comes to chin-ups, pushups, etc.

I have spent the past 10+ years mastering the methods that create what is probably the rarest physique type out there.

Less than 1% of men have a Movie Star physique.

It makes you STAND OUT.

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