Finding Motivation to Work Out (Numb & Apathetic)

Do you have a tough time getting motivated to work out?

Here’s something I’ve noticed…

When young guys grab my program, I have to convince them to work out LESS than they want.

They want to lift all the time.

I never have to motivate them or talk them into training.

Young men typically have an insane drive and energy lacking in older men.

It all comes down to testosterone levels.

Most guys in High School and College are testosterone-fueled and horny as hell.

*For instance, when it comes to girls, they don’t have to find the motivation to want to date and sleep with them… it’s a DEEP drive.At that age, if you are sitting on a couch watching movies with a girl and she puts her hand on your leg and leans in close…

And as you kiss her, she begins unzipping your jeans.

How much motivation do you need as she takes off her bra and mounts you?

There isn’t any motivation needed!

You were probably ready to go the minute she sat next to you.

Hell… at that age, you probably got a rock-hard erection the second her hand touched your leg (and could maintain it for 2+ hours if it took that long to make a move, LMFAO).

This drive at a young age isn’t just limited to sex.

*Young testosterone-fueled men are typically more aggressive and competitive in all aspects of life.

Women are also drawn to guys with higher testosterone levels.

There have been studies where women smelled sweaty t-shirts from a group of men.

They rated the pleasantness of the shirts on a scale of 1 to 10.

The shirts of the guys with the highest testosterone levels were consistently rated as best smelling by the women.

So high testosterone not only helps you get shredded.

It is your most important male hormone.

It helps you look better, achieve more in your life, and attract women.

If your t-levels are low, you are likely sleepwalking through life.

Let’s change that…

*Kino Mojo is the ultimate supplement for optimizing testosterone levels.

Remember what life was like in your late teens?

Remember your drive and general outlook on life?

Your testosterone levels were a large reason for what drove you back then… it helps give men a purpose.

When t-levels decline, it can cause depression or apathy.

Time to get your F*CKN Mojo back!

Kino Mojo – Testosterone Support

If you are numb or apathetic about life, it is likely due to low t-levels.

Optimizing your testosterone levels will move you out of this numb state.

This supplement will help you get there.

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher


If you are in your 30’s or beyond…

I would say this is more important than a general multivitamin.

You can get all of that from your diet.

In Mojo…

We have 5 scientifically backed ingredients that are extremely tough to get from diet alone.

One more thing…

If you are under 30, you aren’t out of the clear.

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