Focus, Productivity, and Sleep Hack…

Several years ago, I was feeling off.

Was getting headaches.

Sleep was okay some nights but restless the next.

This was never an issue when I was younger.

Around this same time, I started seeing articles about how blue light from screens could mess with our sleep.

This was starting to make sense.

I had the habit of bringing my phone into my bedroom and either reading a book on Kindle or scrolling social media.

So, I simply stopped bringing my phone to bed.

This “sort of” worked.

The problem is that I get my best ideas at night, and I tend to work my business for a couple of hours after dinner.

I really enjoy brainstorming late at night but…

My computer monitor exposes me to blue light as well.

What is the big problem with blue light?

The shorter the wavelength, the more energy a light has.

*Violet and blue light are the shortest, highest energy visible wavelengths. Violet isn’t as big of an issue as blue light since we aren’t exposed to much.

LED screens expose us to a lot of this high-energy blue light.

This can cause eye strain over time.

But it can also mess with our circadian rhythm.

We are supposed to be exposed to blue light through sunlight mainly.

This is fine during the day but…

Blue light messes with your body’s ability to prepare for sleep because it blocks a hormone called melatonin that makes you sleepy. has an article that discusses this in detail.

*This article discusses how light of any kind can disrupt melatonin, but blue light does so more powerfully.

Here’s an excerpt from the article.

“Harvard researchers and their colleagues conducted an experiment comparing the effects of 6.5 hours of exposure to blue light to exposure to green light of comparable brightness. The blue light suppressed melatonin for about twice as long as the green light and shifted circadian rhythms by twice as much (3 hours vs. 1.5 hours).

It’s best to limit blue light at night.

But most of us are exposed to screens.

This is why I HIGHLY recommend wearing blue light blocking glasses.

Especially at night.

I didn’t like most of the style of these glasses, so I created my own based on the style of glasses Partick Bateman wore in American Psycho… The Bateman’s.

*I wear these all day since limiting high-energy blue light can also reduce eye strain.

I even wear these at bars and nightclubs.

They are stylish and comfortable.

Women love them, have tried them on, and “forget” they are wearing them when I’m out in these venues.

Several girls have tried to sneak off with my Bateman’s.

I don’t blame them.

Seriously, these are fly AF.

*We’ve restocked just a limited amount (500) to keep this an exclusive item.

It has a new and improved blue light-blocking lens.

The benefits of blocking blue light.

  • Less eye strain
  • Better sleep
  • Improved mood
  • Increased focus

These have been sold out for over a year and are in high demand.

Kinovision – The Bateman’s

We expect these to sell out quickly.

Order these stylish glasses ASAP to experience these benefits.

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher

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