Incredible Testimonial (Follow-up)

This past December, I sent out an impressive testimonial.

Also posted it on Instagram.

Here’s the before-and-after I posted.

Okay Ogut is a former pro basketball player from Turkey.

He was taking Mojo and using my Movie Star program.

He lost 30 pounds in just 6 months.

Got his physique really dialed in.


He just got back to me yesterday with his blood work.

He doubled his total testosterone.

Increased his Free T by 50% in just 4 months.

Here’s before.

Total T is 302.

And here’s after.

Total T is 628, and Free T is 103.

A f*ckn 300+ point increase in Testosterone!

He’s been taking Mojo for 4 months…

And Nitro for 2 months.

Has also been a long-time fan of Octane.

He doubles up on Octane.

I tend to do that on days when I want to be extra productive as well.

This Mojo, Nitro, and Octane combo work extremely well together, so we created a stack out of it.

The Mojo Stack

I highly recommend subscribing to it.

That way, you are saving 20% and only paying about $3-$4 per day.

This is all the rage in my coaching group right now.

Almost everyone in our group is taking it and loving the results.

Better pumps, more drive and aggression, focused energy, better sex life, accelerated fat loss, etc.

The Mojo Stack

Summer is rapidly approaching, so grab it today.

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher

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