For Valentine’s Day…

There’s never a good time for having a limp noodle in the bedroom.

But Valentine’s Day is especially bad timing for this.

There’s a way to not have to worry about this.

A study tested if increasing NO (nitric oxide) could help fix erectile dysfunction.

  • They gave 40 men a drink with L-arginine for 3 months.
  • They added Pycnogenol in the last 2 months.

After 1 month, 5% of the men had normal erections.

After adding Pycnogenol, 80% had normal erections in the second month, and 92.5% in the third month.

Cured the ED for 92.5% of the guys.

*The study found that taking L-arginine and Pycnogenol together improved sexual function in men with ED without causing side effects.*

This is a BIG f*ckn deal!

A single dose of Viagra™ goes between $30-$80 depending on if it is 50mg or 100mg.

This is for 1 pill!

Back to the study…

It found that combining L-arginine + Pycnogenol was the magic combo.

Pycnogenol is pine bark extract.

But there is something really unusual about L-arginine.

*L-citrulline is believed to be more effective at raising L-arginine levels than taking L-arginine directly.*

When L-citrulline is consumed, it is converted into L-arginine in the kidneys.

This increases the amount of L-arginine in the body.

Which can then be used to produce nitric oxide.

When you take L-arginine directly, some of it becomes metabolized before it reaches the cells.

This is why L-citrulline is the most effective supplement for raising NO levels.

It would be interesting to see if they did this same study with L-citrulline instead of L-arginine.

I bet it would come closer to curing ALL cases of ED.

Here’s yet one more reason I recommend both Nitro and Octane.

  • Octane: Contains L-citrulline to maximize nitric oxide production (better than L-arginine).
  • NitroHas Pine Bark Extract to improve blood flow.

Stacking Octane and Nitro together is like the ultimate natural Viagra.

It will also give you amazing blood flow 24/7.

It’s even fine to double up on the Nitro for an added boost.

Like on Valentine’s Day when you want to go several rounds with your woman.

This will put you into overdrive.

Plus, if you’re taking Mojo, your free T levels will make you horny as hell.

You will be ready for action.

Your girl will be ready for action.

Orgasms, calorie burning, and a happy girl…

What’s not to like?

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Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher

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