Forget Pick-up Lines: Attract Women by Building Your World

A lot of men glorify their college days…

“Oh, back in college, I lifted this. I was fit. Those were the best days of my life.”

And then, sure enough, they get a job, stop improving, settle, and atrophy.

This is not what it means to be a man.

If a man takes the right steps, it gets better and better and better.

If you work on your fitness.

If you work on your goals.

If you dress well.

If you go to the right places and develop this really cool world, you can literally become the most attractive person by 38.

In many cases, some men will reach their peak in their forties, and some research even says 50.

So your ability to attract a beautiful, sweet, incredible girl, is only going to get better and better, assuming you put in the work.

It’s not like if someone’s 24 or 25 years old, they have this 1 or 2 year window to suddenly become more attractive, and then marry a girl.

You have a long time.

You have room to practice, to go out there, to fail, to screw up, to try and start a business, to try and do all these things.

You have time.

Time is pretty much your ally as a man.

It gets better.

Most men don’t improve.

They maintain fairly average, mediocre bodies.

They don’t have crazy drive to excel in their career and their passions and their business financially.

They’re not taking any smart risks.

They’re just playing it safe and coasting.

They’re not learning new skills.

They’re not honing their boxing skills.

They’re not becoming more traveled.

They’re not becoming more intelligent.

They’re not dedicating themselves to learning, to improving.

They’re not learning about social dynamics and relationships and masculine-feminine dynamics.

If you’re willing to put in the work and learn and push hard you will move forward while other guys are stagnant.

If you’re on The Mojo, you want to excel and you want to separate from the pack.

It’s a very motivating thing to be like, “Holy shit. Brad Pitt was 38 in Troy. Daniel Craig was 38 in Casino Royale.”

Life is going to get better and better and better.

Let’s just stay fit.

Let’s learn.

Let’s develop ourselves.

When a man thinks about picking a partner, he’s mainly just thinking about the girl.

What’s her personality like?

What’s she like as a person?

Is she sweet? Is she loyal? Is she giving?

Is she beautiful?

Would she be a great mom?

When a woman thinks about a man, they don’t just think about his avatar, they think about “what’s his world like?”

What’s his world that he’s created?

What is the world he’s pulling me into?

And as a 21-year-old guy, your world is pretty shit.

You don’t have much.

But if you build yourself up, and you’re fit, and you’ve upped your social skills, and you build a network?

You build a world.

You’re pulling this girl into your world.

And not to be sexist or anything, but pretty much that’s what a woman is doing.

She’s joining.

It’s been the way since the dawn of time.

She’s not just marrying you, she’s marrying your world.

And a lot of younger guys, and I know this because when I date girls, they’ll tell me, “Oh, my God. I feel so at ease hanging out with you. I feel so safe. Everything just rolls smoothly.”

A lot of these beautiful models get fed up dating guys that are 24 or 25 years old because they’re kind of indecisive.

They’re kind of wish-washy.

They have a weak frame.

They kind of bend too much.

They’re too malleable.

And a lot of these younger guys don’t realize it, but they just constantly hit the beta switch.

They hit the beta switch.

And for a woman to have trust in you, you have to have absolute certainty.

You have to be firm. “This is when we’re going. At this time.”

Everything’s got to be kind of laid out.

It’s almost like this…

Imagine you’re booking a plane ticket, and you’re flying from New York to London.

And the ticket tells you that, “Hey, we’re going to leave at 6:00 p.m. But maybe it will be 7:00 p.m. And maybe it will be 8:00. And actually, instead of London, we might actually fly into Barcelona.”

You’d be thinking, “What the fuck is this?”

So, a woman is joining your world.

And if you’re too wish-washy and you’re indecisive, “Where do we go for dinner? What do we order?”

She will think, “How do I trust this? I can’t trust this.”

Because it’s all over the place.

So when you look at some of these characters, like Daniel Craig in Casino Royale and Danny Ocean in Ocean’s Eleven… these guys are meticulous.

They have a strong frame.

They’re in their masculine.

They’re not wish-washy. “Oh, what about this? Oh, what about that? Do I want a girlfriend that I see once a week or this?”

It’s like that Christian Grey kind of certainty and absolute.

And that’s what the feminine, the woman, really surrenders to, and that’s half of the battle.

A man’s peak is not 22, not even 32, but 38 and older.

And obviously, as a woman, it’s different.

Biology does not give a shit about your gender as a woman.

If you want to have a family, you want to have three kids, even two kids, you have to find your partner by 32.

You have to literally have your partner and be ready to start a family.

You don’t have till 38, 39, 40.

And if you want to have a big family, you almost want to pick your partner by 25.

So a woman has a much shorter period to catch her partner if she cares about reproduction and having a family.

Whereas a man, he’s got time on his side.

As most men, you will catch your highest branch not at 22, and not at 26.

Earliest is mid-30s but likely it will be late 30s or older.

And so basically, if you do the right steps and you improve on yourself, your dating life is only going to get better from 25 onward.

It’s going to be better when you’re 30.

At 30, it’s going to be better when you’re 35, until you find that dream partner that you want to invest in and build a family with.

It’s only going to get better.

One more point I want to lay out is that as a man, it takes time to really figure out your world.

What’s the area of town you want to live in?

Which gym are you going to?

What’s that cafe?

What’s your favorite restaurant where you know the manager, and you know the wine connoisseur?

And you just have this built-in social proof and world that this woman can step into, and she can feel that, “Oh, shit. This guy knows what he’s doing. This guy has got this amazing world.”

People treat him amazing, and a woman can almost just turn off her brain and enter her feminine and just trust in you…

“Okay, I’m showing up to John’s place at 7:00 and I fully trust that everything is completely laid out.”

Everything is just so smooth.

Here’s an even small example, it took me till 32 to know what backpack to buy.

I had this stupid Louis Vuitton backpack because I thought it was cool to buy when I was 24 and it’s kind of bullshit.

I bought this Tumi backpack.

It took me till 32 to know what backpack to get.

The Tumi is insane.

It’s built out of ballistic nylon.

It’s so comfortable to travel with.

This thing is incredible.

What are the outfits you’re wearing?

What’s your simple uniform when you’re going on the weekend to dinner, when you have a lunch meeting?

What are your simple outfits and shoes?

You’re building this world as a man.

It’s very hard to figure out as a 22-year-old; you don’t know who you are as a man until you’re quite a bit older.

One of my life coaches said that Saturn has a return every 29 years.

So even till 29, you’re still kind of a baby as a man.

And then whatever that is, double 29 doubles like 58.

There’s another rotation.

The point is that you’re building this epic life.

Your life just gets better and better and better and better as a man as you progress through your twenties and through your thirties.

Then in your forties, you’re fucking just enjoying what you’ve built.

And then it’s very, very hard for any other guy to compete with you when you think about this when you think about leveling up over the years in health…

And in your career, and then also in skill development, learning about the Eckhart Tolle, going to spiritual retreat, doing some surfing.

You just become this very well-rounded man.

And it’s so much cooler to be the guy that’s well rounded, that’s got cool stories, that’s worked on cool skills than just the guy that works on Wall Street works 80 hours a week, has a high income, but just fucking, that’s it.

Just doesn’t have much else to him.

It’s the Bay Street (Toronto) bro, Wall Street bro.

It’s so much cooler to be the person that kind of has this cool world to pull the girl into, has more experiences, more skills, is improving, is more cultured.

Whatever it is.

Could be going to check out horses once a week.

Could be lessons on how to sail a catamaran boat.

Most girls are going on a date with a guy, they’re going a second date with him, “Okay, now let’s go see a baseball game.”

It’s just very predictable.

But you might have dinner or a couple of drinks with a girl the next day, you’re pulling her into this world and she’s getting immersed and it makes it so much more powerful.

You stand out from any other guy.

Guys don’t quite realize how powerful this stuff is.

They’re learning different lines to say to girls, maybe things to try and impress.

And again, the more you try and impress a girl, the more she sees, “Oh, he’s qualifying to me. He’s trying to impress me.”

But if you go to a restaurant where the owner comes up to you and is like, “Oh James, how are you? Let me get you a drink. What do you want? Who’s your date?”

If you can actually build in that real social proof, you don’t have to do anything.

You just talk and you learn about the girl and ask your questions, and these things are so much more powerful than you trying to say something that’s impressive.

And so a lot of content around dating and attraction don’t actually talk too much about this because they view dating in a vacuum – just you and the girl.

When in reality, it’s 3D chess.

There’s all these other elements that are more powerful than what you say.

And I know I’ve said this many times before, but optimizing your Total and Free T absolutely helps here.

So you need every competitive edge you can get.

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Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher

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