Free Weights Increase Free Testosterone

Everything we do in the Kinobody programs is for a reason.

Why do I emphasize free weight exercises?

It’s because free weights increase your Free Testosterone more than machines.

There’s a study called:

“Effects of Training With Free Weights Versus Machines on Muscle Mass, Strength, Free Testosterone, and Free Cortisol Levels”

What they found…

I think it’s fine to include machines in your training, just make sure the main emphasis is on free weights.

This will increase Free T more than machines.

Testosterone levels are important…

This is also why we don’t cut carbs in my programs (carbs are crucial for maintaining testosterone levels).

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All of these increases in testosterone add up.

As a natural, you need to stack everything in your favor to add muscle and get lean.

If you overtrain?

It will kill your testosterone levels.

Too much cardio?

Will kill your testosterone levels.

Too much of a calorie deficit?

Say goodbye to your testosterone.

I have taken away all the guesswork and have it all laid out A-to-Z in my flagship program.

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Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher

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