Friend Zone – A Low T Problem?

I was listening to a guy complain about dating.

He was saying that girls always friend zone him.

He’s decent looking.

Well dressed, cool car, and all that noise…

But every time he meets a beautiful girl, he just ends up in the dreaded friend zone.

Now obviously, there could be a lot of issues going on…

Being overly nice, too available, giving way too much attention, not being a challenge/a chase/ or a prize.

Being boring…

But for fun, I had a hypothesis.

I asked him if he wakes up with boners.

He looked at me like I was crazy.

But I pressed on.

Sure enough, he NEVER wakes up with an erection. I told him to get his T checked and come back to me.

It was 380…

Not good!

You see, I believe low T is linked with being in the friend zone.

Guys packed full of T aren’t having these same issues.

Have you noticed those guys that get women’s attention and attraction with very little work?

Women are interested without them having to open their mouth.

I believe women can sense higher T.

It symbolizes power, protection, and leadership.

Women are hard-wired to seek out men that are ambitious, protectors, and leaders.

Further, when T levels are higher, you naturally produce more androstenol. A pheromone that is most seductive to very fertile women.

When your T is low…

It’s like a one-way ticket to the friend zone with beautiful women.

They’ll keep you around for backup.

But you’re FAR from the first choice.

When you exude power, drive, and masculinity – you excite women.

You are no longer just a logical option.

They emotionally and deeply open themselves up to you.

Because of his low T…

He was missing that edge, that masculinity and power.

He was super nice and friendly, and personable, but women never wanted to get physical with him.

He was a great logical option.

But not who they get excited for.

You see, at the absolute top echelon of beauty, women are looking for the exact opposite… that polarity.

A strong masculine leader.

My mom is absolutely beautiful.

She is also extremely feminine, nurturing, and detailed oriented.

My father was a strong, highly ambitious visionary – that loved taking risk, leading and doing big deals.

Unfortunately today.

Most men have lost that masculine edge.

They have become soft.

They have lost their mojo.

Most women are chasing the top 20% of men.

But it gets even worse.

When you look at very beautiful women.

They are only going for the top 2%.

There is a silver lining.

Being a high T, driven, ambitious male is so rare today, you can build yourself into the top 2% if you know what you’re doing.

My Mojo program dials in the biology and protocols.

All fkn natural.

If you feel like you are cursed and are always getting friend zoned…

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I’m 100% convinced…

You will drastically increase your chances with women as soon as you get those free T levels up.

Don’t waste another day in the friend zone.

It’s a depressing place.

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher


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