From 212 Pounds to 192 in Just 4 Months!

A customer by the name of Spencer messaged me the other day.

He’s about 6 feet tall, and before he started Masterclass, he weighed 212 pounds.

In just 12 weeks, he got down to 195.

He looked really lean but decided to really dial it in the final 4 weeks and hit 192 pounds.

Here’s a before and after from 212 to 192.

*He looks absolutely chiseled… I bet he gained 4-5 pounds of muscle, so the total fat loss in 4 months was most likely close to 25 pounds.

People underestimate what can happen in 4 months.

If you follow my plan exactly as laid out, you can experience this time of transformation as well…

Movie Star Masterclass

Quit overthinking it.

Take action now to be in an incredible place in 4 months.

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher

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