Gain Strength Using Time Travel?

I see a lot of the guys in my gym with a losing mentality when it comes to lifting weights.

They half-ass their lifts.

There is a serious mental game when it comes to gaining strength.

If you found a weak guy and we switched brains.

I’m 100% confident he would become stronger almost immediately.

It’s not because I’m brilliant or anything.

I use a special form of Time Travel (more on that in a sec)…

The weaker guy often just goes through the motions with his sets.

He doesn’t realize there is a “butterfly effect”.

What you do in set #1 often affects your success in sets 4 and 5.

Even warm-ups play a role.

I’ll explain by showing how I warm up for a heavy bench press.

In this clip, I’m doing a warm-up with 225 pounds for a set of 3 reps.

See how the bar is moving rapidly?

Although I’m only lifting 225 pounds… my intention is to deliver MUCH more than 225 pounds of force.

The more force I press with, the faster the bar moves.

If I pressed with EXACTLY 225 pounds?

The bar wouldn’t budge up or down.

If the bar is moving rapidly, it’s entirely possible that I’m pressing with 275+ pounds of force here.

So by the time I actually do lift 275 pounds… in some ways, it is just a repeat.

A Deja Vu.

In this clip, I’m lifting 275 pounds for one rep.

See how the bar moves rapidly?

This demonstrates that I’m pressing with much more than 275 pounds of force.

I’m probably pushing with over 315 pounds of force here.

So 315 pounds won’t be an issue.

  • I keep lifting like this.
  • Each set I try to push the bar with more force than is required for the next set.
  • This primes my nervous system for each heavier set.

By the time I reach the really heavy weights, my body is ready.

I’m smiling here…

It’s because I’m confident that I will successfully lift this for one rep.

Why am I confident?

It’s because the bar moved rapidly the set right before this.

My muscles have already delivered the amount of force required to lift this.

I’m simply repeating what has ALREADY happened.

It’s almost like a form of time travel… and is even superior to “mental rehearsal”.

This may seem like some funky Inception stuff.

It works like a charm.

Never half-ass any lift.

What you do in the first set greatly affects what happens in the next set.

If you lift with the intention, each and every set, you will get stronger.

Sticking points will become a thing of the past.

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Until Next Time,

Greg O’Gallagher


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