“Get Locked In” – What I Mean By This

You will often hear me use the phrase “get locked in”.

This is more than just getting lean.

It’s a state where you are programmed to be lean.

This is one of the things I’ll be teaching in the upcoming 4-month Beach Ripped Coaching Group.

More details on that soon.

Getting locked in is almost like method acting…

Where the actor envisions himself as that person and becomes that person for a period of time.

*Joaquin Phoenix as Johnny Cash comes to mind.

The mind is powerful.

I focus on mindset hard with clients.

Especially the first 7 days.

I have them envision themselves as the person they want to be.

It becomes ingrained into their self-image.

And they are like… “Holy shit. I’m programmed to be lean”.

Getting lean now becomes effortless.

They are already a lean person in their mind, and their body simply follows.

  • They stop snacking late at night
  • They get their steps in
  • They eat the right foods.

Getting lean stops being a struggle.

They are locked in.

Programmed to do everything right to get shredded.

It’s incredible when this happens to clients.

We can typically get guys to the point where they say… “Oh, my God. I have to eat more food. I’m getting too lean.”

This is the goal.

It’s a great place to be.

Most people never get locked in because they are either overeating.

Or they are dieting too hard.

Training too much.

They constantly feel intense cravings and are exhausted.

It’s always a struggle.

My upcoming Beach Ripped Coaching Group is going to teach you how to get locked in.

Getting lean becomes effortless and automatic.

More details to follow.

Stay tuned.

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher

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