Get Your Leanest Training 2X Per Week

I highly recommend keeping a training journal.

Nothing fancy, but just make sure you write down your workouts as you do them year-to-year.

Why is this important?

If you have a point in your life where you looked your best, you can look at your training journal notes to see EXACTLY what you were doing.

I got exceptionally shredded in 2016.

*I found an older Youtube video I posted in 2016 called “Building a Great Physique as Natty vs. On Gear”.

So I looked at my training notes from back then…

I was alternating between doing phases of training just 2X times per week for 8 weeks and then doing a minimalist 3X per week routine.

This new 2-day per week program is going inside Movie Star Masterclass.

This is the exact 8-week routine I used back then.

Masterclass is my flagship program.

Instead of creating new programs, I plan on putting everything inside of this one program going forward.

*Training just 2X per week gives you insane recovery, and your appetite is lower.

To lose that last bit of fat, you need to create a strong deficit.

The problem is that with fewer calories, it can take a bit longer for the muscles to repair and recover fully.

If you train just 2X per week, your muscles are f*ckn primed.

  • Your lifts will go up each workout
  • You will feel energized
  • Sticking to your diet will be easy

Your muscles will become dense and chiseled as you gain strength.

You will look leaner day-to-day.

It’s F*CKN glorious!

So grab masterclass today to be considerably leaner and chiseled in just 8-weeks.

Movie Star Body Masterclass

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher


This 2X per week workout works perfectly after doing a period of 3X per week.

This is a simple way of using “periodization” in your training.

We are manipulating training variables for maximum strength and muscle gains while preventing overtraining.

This 2X per week program focuses on recovery.

I find that lifts I have been stuck on go up quickly on this 8-week routine.

It’s the perfect Plateau-Buster for both strength and losing body fat.

Many guys are skeptical that 2X per week will be enough training.

Trust me…

If you are a natural lifter and have been training non-stop 3 times per week (or more).

This is EXACTLY what your body needs right now.

It’s a blast to get considerably stronger each workout.

You can experience this starting this week…

Movie Star Body Masterclass

I explain in exact detail when to change exercises and when to use different training strategies, etc.

You are going to love how well this works!


I just launched a new comprehensive system called Mojo Mastery.

It includes.

  • Mojo and nitro subscription
  • 6-month movie star routine
  • Nutrition protocol for cutting & bulking
  • Testosterone guide to maximize T
  • My Mindset guide for more success
  • My sleep protocol to feel reborn
  • Live monthly calls with me
  • Mojo Club (group access w support)
  • Early access to clothing launches
  • Much more

This is a $249 per month program.

Everyone who joins now will lock this in at $99/month.

The $99 per month includes The Mojo Stack ($75 per month value).

So essentially you are getting the rest of this system with coaching and monthly calls with me for just a little more than the cost of the supplement.

The price will eventually be $249 per month.

So lock in this incredible deal!

Mojo Mastery