Getting “Chiseled” – What Does it Mean?

I often use various terms to describe how lean a person is.

I’ll explain a few of the terms I like to use.

It’s mainly based on body fat %.

  • Cut is 11-12%
  • Defined is 9-10%
  • Chiseled is 7-8%

Shredded is below 7% body fat but is typically a temporary condition.

I still use the term to describe super low body fat.

I’d say Chiseled is the level to aspire to.

You can hold 8% body fat long-term.

I like the word Chiseled because it also implies dense muscle.

To get dense muscle?

You do need to become strong.

You can stick to light weights and build muscle with volume, but that doesn’t really result in hard Chiseled muscles.

The thing that really builds muscle density is getting strong as hell in the key lifts.

The best way to do this is to lift with PURE focus and intensity.

Just focus on a few key lifts.

And add weight week-after-week.

I recently pressed 150-pound dumbbells for 5 reps. This one set is superior to 10 pish-posh sets.

I find the best way to improve each workout is to have more rest than workout days.

This is why 2 workouts per week works so well.

The nice thing about 2 workouts per week is it is easier to stick to your diet.

More time to get steps in.

So it’s easy to get lean while you are getting stronger.

But after 2 months of this, I like to mix it up by training 3 days per week.

I call this the “Shrink Wrap” phase.

During this 1 month 3-day-per-week phase, we add just a bit more volume.

Back off on the intensity just a bit.

This is also the time I recommend using machines for a lot of the lifts.

This allows your nervous system to recover a bit.

It’s a slightly easier workout.

With this higher volume, the muscles look a little fuller, and skin tightens up around the muscles.

This is why I call it the shrink wrap phase.

The body responds well to switching the volume like this.

It’s the perfect setup for strength & size.

  • 2/3 of the time training 2 times per week for strength and density
  • 1/3 of the time training 3 times per week for muscle volume and recovery

We take care of getting lean with the calorie deficit and steps.

I recommend 10,000-14,000 steps per day.

I cover all of this in my newest program.

The Lazy Ripped Program

You can do this program indefinitely.

Each time you go through this 3-month cycle, you will be leaner, stronger, and more chiseled.

You’ll love it!

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher

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