Getting Friend-Zoned?

A guy recently reached out to me on Instagram.

He’s done my program, well-dressed, a nice car, the whole package.

But he’s going on all these dates and getting friend-zoned.

Without him even giving many more details, I knew exactly what was happening.

He would attract beautiful women on first dates…

But he is coming off as too eager.

Too interested.

A lot of guys, when they get a really beautiful girl out on a date, get very excited.

They overdo it. 

They start thinking things like…

“Oh, my god. Imagine me dating her and my friends seeing me with her.”

They are so ready for her.

There’s no challenge for her and you come off the same as 90% of the guys she meets.

Here’s what you need to do instead.

Pull your energy down 50%.

Be more chill.

Sit back.

Let her talk.

Be more of that qualifier.

An excellent example of more of a relaxed confidence is James and Dave Franco.

They have a laid-back energy, but their personality still shines through.

Dave Franco is married to Allison Brie (smoking hot). Loved her in Community.

So dial things down a bit.

This is probably my #1 dating tip.

Especially important if she’s super attractive.

I posted this up on Instagram and it caused quite the discussion.

One guy felt doing this was “an act”.

Another follower on Instagram had a great response:

“Really the fake part is putting on the show because, in the long run, you’re not going to be dialed up like that (putting on the show). It’s not really being fake, it’s just not being too extra which tends to happen at the beginning, when guys get excited.”

Well put!

If a woman is attractive, the majority of guys who she goes on a date with try too hard to say the right thing.

They try too hard in general.

Way too much energy.

If you do that, you wind up being a commodity in her eyes… you get grouped in with the masses of guys she encounters.

Want to stand out?

Do the exact opposite.

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher


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